Ashnik Migrates Indonesian Bank Off Oracle

March 28, 2019


  • Facing tough competition, a leading Indonesian Bank wanted to roll-out a new Shariah Banking application to more than 50 branches and nearly 300 service offices in a cost effective way.
  • Remaining on Oracle® would have been prohibitively expensive for this application due to the licensing costs
  • The mission-critical nature of the information handled by the bank meant it required a robust, highly reliable data management platform

Benefits of Migrating to PostgreSQL

  • EDB was chosen because its relational foundations allowed Ashnik to migrate the application rapidly and efficiently
  • Adopting EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) helped the bank to realize significant savings in licensing and maintenance costs, while ensuring the highest levels of performance
  • Implementing the new application rapidly gave the bank a competitive advantage in the region as it is one of the very few providing a Shariah banking services

The Opportunity

Moving Quickly to Deliver New Application To Offer Value To Customers

Ashnik, a leading technology consultancy in Southeast Asia, has been working with one of the top ten banks in Indonesia. The bank is a market leader in mortgage loans, as well as consumer and commercial banking services. However, the company is operating in a highly competitive market and is always looking for new applications that can sustain the bank’s resilience, as well as provide its customers with the choice they want. Consequently, the company established a Shariah Banking Practice as a Strategic Business Unit, because it recognized the growing demand for Islamic financial products and wanted to ensure it offered services compliant with the highest possible standards for Islamic Banking.

The Challenge

Delivering Scale and Flexibility Efficiently

The goal was to deploy the service in its 50 plus branches across Indonesia and approximately 300 service offices. The solution needed to be flexible and scalable, but Ashnik also had to find a data management platform that offered the requisite enterprise-readiness and performance without the cost of traditional commercial database solutions. Furthermore, Ashnik had to ensure the platform maintained the highest levels of disaster recovery to prevent the bank facing any loss of service or downtime.

The Solution

Adopting EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Having undertaken an evaluation of the data management solutions, Ashnik recommended EPAS because of its compatibility with the Oracle Database. This ensured a smoother migration of data to the new application and meant less training for the IT team moving forward. It helped to speed up the implementation time, as well, reducing costs. Subsequently, the bank could avoid the huge costs of adopting Oracle Database Licenses and the vendor lock-in associated with Oracle. The EDB platform also provided the necessary flexibility by supporting a number of drivers, languages and platforms to ease the integration of the database with other applications. Furthermore, EDB offers the right level of scalability for a banking application where peak demand can fluctuate depending on user requirements, so it is crucial the performance remains consistent no matter what volume of transactions.

Ashnik also deployed Backup and Recovery, integrated with EPAS, which meant there were no separate costs for the bank’s backup solution. EDB Replication Server is main database at the Disaster Recovery (DR) site and allows Ashnik to schedule replication jobs with ease to the DR system.

The Conclusion

Smooth Migration Allows Bank to Enhance Customer Service and Maintain Competitive Advantage

Having implemented the Shariah Banking application the bank is now one of a handful of financial services companies in the region providing Shariah Banking products. The rapid deployment helped the bank to maintain its competitive advantage, but more importantly expanded the services it offers to customers and strengthen customer loyalty.

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