Webinar Recap: Five Questions to Ask When Moving Postgres to Microsoft Azure

August 04, 2021

Tips for Moving Postgres to Microsoft Azure

Are you deploying Postgres on Microsoft Azure? When moving applications and databases to the cloud, challenges are bound to arise—which requires guidance from Postgres experts. 

In our recent webinar, EDB Cloud CTO, Benjamin Anderson, and EDB Product Management Director, Aislinn Wright, review how to handle common challenges in five crucial areas. 


Watch the webinar

Watch now to learn:

  • Differences between running your database on Azure vs. your own data center
  • How to balance database performance and high availability in the cloud
  • Key skills for managing and tuning Postgres on Azure
  • And more

And stay tuned for upcoming blog posts from Ben and Aislinn, where they'll deep dive into each of the five questions discussed.

In the meantime, you watch the on-demand webinar here.

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