Compare EDB Postgres vs MariaDB

April 25, 2019

Open Source Databases Powering Apps and Business Critical Systems

Today, an open source databases can compete effectively against leading proprietary database products for most enterprise workloads. And, enterprises large and small are adopting open source databases to power more of their applications and business critical systems. In fact, in Gartner’s "State of the Open-Source DBMS Market, 2018" the authors note that “by 2022, more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS, and 50% of existing commercial RDBMS instances will have been converted or will be in process of converting.”

Compare Solutions: EDB Postgres vs MariaDB

Fueling this trend, vendors like EDB and MariaDB have developed richer enterprise capabilities across these products, including areas like system reliability, rich API, coverage of the SQL standard, comprehensive security, high availability, performance and scalability, and enterprise maturity, and Oracle® database compatibility. However, EDB Postgres vs MariaDB differ in their ability to address requirements for wide-ranging enterprise use cases.

Download this report to better understand the comparative strengths and weaknesses of EDB Postgres vs MariaDB across six crucial enterprise requirements.


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