EDB 14 Gives Customers an Even Stronger PostgreSQL Portfolio

December 07, 2021

The PostgreSQL movement continues to gain strength with enterprises and application developers. The release of EDB 14 offers further incentive for organizations to adopt PostgreSQL for their most demanding mission-critical applications, from high-speed transactional systems to operational analytical ones. 

EDB 14 is a comprehensive portfolio of PostgreSQL software that enables customers to make PostgreSQL their database standard for all their business needs. In previous years and releases, the standout component of the EDB platform was EDB Postgres Advanced Server (sometimes called Postgres Advanced). Postgres Advanced is an EDB distribution of PostgreSQL with capabilities above and beyond the community distribution. It includes things like powerful Oracle database compatibility for companies that need mainly to reduce costs, as well as auditing and security features for regulated industries like financial services and public sector.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server is still a very important component of the EDB platform. With the release of EDB 14, it is even stronger, with great new features and capabilities inherited from PostgreSQL 14 (released in September) and added by EDB’s world-renowned team of PostgreSQL fanatics (a.k.a., our developers).

EDB 14 Highlights

One distinctive characteristic of this year’s release is that it comprises multiple standout components. Here are the major ones: 

  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14 (14.1.0)
  • Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) 8.3.0
  • EDB Postgres Distributed 4.0.0
  • EDB Postgres Extended Server 14 (14.1.0)
  • HARP 2.0 (GA)
  • Replication Server 7.0.0
  • ODBC Connector
  • OCL Connector
  • EDB Migration Toolkit 55.2.0
  • EDB Postgis 3.1.0
  • EDB LiveCompare 1.18
  • Repmgr 5.3.0
  • FDW for Hadoop 2.1.0
  • FDW for MongoDB 5.3.0
  • FDW for MySQL 2.7.0
  • EDB*Plus

Important tools already released by EDB have now been fully tested with EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14. These include:

  • Failover Manager
  • pgAdmin
  • EDB .net Connector
  • EDB JDBC Connector
  • Barman
  • pgBackRest
  • EDB PgBouncer

Throughout 2021, EDB invested significant time and effort in ensuring our software is tested and proven to work with our supported versions of Postgres—PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server. At EDB, we are driven to give customers the PostgreSQL software and support they need across a wide spectrum of use cases—those that PostgreSQL handles easily (which are many) and more specialized ones better served by EPAS (as described above).

EDB improvements

In EDB 14, EDB tools for PostgreSQL that customers have come to rely on, such as EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager, Replication Server, and Migration Toolkit, get improvements and enhancements. To highlight just two of the components in the EDB 14 release, I am particularly excited by EDB Postgres Distributed and EDB Cloud Native PostgreSQL because of the additional capabilities they give PostgreSQL:

  • EDB Postgres Distributed is a sophisticated PostgreSQL extension that provides PostgreSQL with extreme high availability, allowing customers to benefit from zero downtime updates to their databases.  
  • Cloud Native PostgreSQL, EDB’s offering that combines Postgres (either open source PostgreSQL or Postgres Advanced) with our Kubernetes Operator to allow PostgreSQL to fully function as part of a Kubernetes-managed environment.


EDB’s fully managed cloud service, BigAnimal, now has PostgreSQL 14 and EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14 available to provision. See the BigAnimal 14 announcement blog for more detail.

Distribution choice

All the good stuff discussed above isn’t reserved for those using EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Our recent offerings, including BigAnimal, EDB Postgres Distributed, and EDB Cloud Native PostgreSQL, are available for use with either PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server. This means that customers who are committed to using PostgreSQL because it is an open source database management system can benefit from these offerings, too.

As momentum continues to increase for PostgreSQL and EDB, I encourage you to take a closer look at EDB 14, the broadest and deepest portfolio of PostgreSQL software and tools available.

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