EDB and IBM Powering the Open Source Database Movement

November 16, 2016

Contributed by Pierre Fricke

Postgres has been a major beneficiary of the open source movement with organizations turning to the world’s most advanced open source relational database as the primary database for new applications, modernization efforts, and as an alternative to expensive traditional vendors.

Gartner has declared that open source databases—especially Postgres—have reached

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prime time as viable replacements for commercial, proprietary solutions such as Oracle, and called for IT departments to include one among the standards for new and existing applications that don’t require vendor-specific functionality.

EDB Postgres™ from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) provides two key benefits to organizations that choose to adopt open source-based database management systems (DBMSs). For one, they typically realize savings of 80 percent or more. Second, this savings enables new budget for strategic investment in digital applications like mobile, web, analytics, Internet of Things, and cloud built on EDB Postgres that increase competitiveness.

EDB has partnered with IBM to optimize EDB Postgres for the IBM Power Systems platform to help organizations further save money and dramatically increase performance for new innovative applications. The partnership reduces the price of per-core EDB Postgres annual subscriptions by providing users a greater level of performance (with fewer cores) compared to x86. An independent test found that running EDB on Linux on Power compared to x86 in a virtualized environment yielded 2X performance benefits. Given that result, end users can run the same workload on with half the CPU resources on Power compared to x86, or run 2X the workload the workload on Power compared to x86.2.

The potential of open source data management solutions will be explored at Postgres Vision 2016, the preeminent event for defining the future of Postgres and open source data management. IBM is a Diamond Sponsor of the event, which is being held Oct. 11–13, 2016, in San Francisco. Doug Balog, General Manager of IBM Power Systems, will be delivering a Postgres Vision keynote presentation. To learn more about the conferences speakers, please visit Postgres Vision 2016.

Pierre Fricke is Vice President, Product Marketing, at EnterpriseDB.

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