EDB BigAnimal Fully Managed Postgres-as-a-Service is Now Available on Google Cloud

August 15, 2023
EDB BigAnimal on Google Cloud

EDB has heard one frequent customer request loud and clear: there is a high premium placed on alignment with multi-cloud strategies, and that applies to both independent software vendors looking to meet client demands and enterprises looking for flexibility in meeting their application development needs.

We fulfilled that customer request today by announcing support for EDB BigAnimal on Google Cloud. With this enhanced cloud deployment option, our BigAnimal Postgres-as-a-Service now provides continuous availability, geo-distributed data, and unmatched Oracle compatibility on any cloud infrastructure.

In providing further flexibility, you can run BigAnimal in our cloud account with Google so you can focus on your applications and get to market faster, or deploy on your own Google Cloud infrastructure to burn down your CSP commits.

Regardless of whether you’re running BigAnimal in your cloud account or ours, your Oracle migration will be further eased by taking advantage of high availability and geo-distributed data options that align with organizational requirements, including active-active architectures.

You can get started today with BigAnimal by claiming your $300 in free credits. 

If you’re heading to Google Cloud Next ’23 in late-August, be sure to stop by Booth 1704, where you can register to join us at the EDB-sponsored Customer Cocktail Party at the W hotel.

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