EDB to Conduct New Comprehensive PostgreSQL Administration Course in India

September 04, 2014

EnterpriseDB’s (EDB) is rapidly expanding in India, where the use of open source software has been rising as technology buyers seek solutions with low upfront deployment costs. At a cost that is 80% or more less than traditional alternatives, Postgres represents significant savings.

Our uptake with enterprises like inMobi, the largest mobile ad platform and longtime EDB customer, and large systems integrators like Wipro and Tata Consultancy Services, as well as government organizations like the National Informatics Centre, have propelled Postgres to the forefront in India.

To help our users master their deployments and support the growing demand for PostgreSQL expertise, EnterpriseDB (EDB) has combined two of its most popular 3-day training courses, Introduction to PostgreSQL Administration and Advanced PostgreSQL Administration into one 5-day course, Comprehensive PostgreSQL Administration. This open enrollment class is intended for DBAs and IT Professionals who are responsible for administration and maintenance of PostgreSQL, and want to increase the Postgres proficiency and learn key best practices to put them ahead of the industry curve.

Comprehensive PostgreSQL Administration will present the PostgreSQL database architecture and core administrative tasks including configuration, maintenance, monitoring, backups, recovery, and moving data. The class will cover advanced topics as well, including replication to safeguard data, clustering for high availability, partitioning for performance and maintainability, and security for privacy and protection.

The training course combines the convenience of online training with the benefits of interacting with the instructor, Raghavendra Rao. Mr. Rao is an experienced Technical Lead at EnterpriseDB with more than nine years of hands-on experience in databases and large-scale IT solutions. He is an expert in executing migrations from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2 to PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Bonus Certification

Class attendance also includes one free attempt at the PostgreSQL Association Certification Exam, a $200 value. EDB’s certification programs are globally recognized as proof that a database professional has the knowledge, skills and ability to perform essential job functions with minimal on-the-job training or hand holding. Knowing how to administer enterprise-scale data solutions using the different tools available in Postgres Plus is a valuable skill set in high demand.

Upon course completion, attendees will be prepared to manage large, highly available databases and their security requirements with confidence. Basic experience in database administration is recommended but the course does not require prior knowledge of PostgreSQL. We encourage attendees to bring laptops with the most current version of PostgreSQL installed. Food and beverages will be provided, along with printed materials.

Please visit our site for more information and to register for PPAS Database Administration training course or contact us for information about future training events.

Debra Brucato is Director, Services Product Management at EnterpriseDB.

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