EDB To Help Feds Understand Enterprise-Supported OSS

September 24, 2015

Federal agencies face continued pressure to reduce costs across their organizations and technology programs are no exception. Government CIOs are tasked with examining their existing technologies to find potential cost savings with the goals of centralizing and optimizing their existing solutions.

Open source technologies have become a new priority for government agencies. They represent nimble and responsive solutions that can fulfill government mandates, (such as the Department of Defense’s October 2009 memorandum on open source software), handle the most demanding government missions, and reduce costs when compared to proprietary solutions. But while open source database management systems have proven their worth in the government space – the FAA, multiple agencies within the DoD and large government defense contractors have already adopted open source – commercially supported versions go above and beyond the free solution. EDB, for example, enhances open source Postgres with additional performance, security and compatibility capabilities. And by providing training, services and support, commercial providers help control internal labor costs and provide the resources and support needed by government agencies to run their mission-critical applications and reduce risk.

EDB is working toward increasing federal agency awareness of enterprise open source products and the need for greater adoption of open source software. EDB this week announced it has joined the Coalition for Enterprise Open Source Software for Government (CEOSSG).

The CEOSSG is a non-profit member organization founded by Red Hat and Carahsoft Technology Corp., with government relations support provided by Efrus Federal Advisors. The organization, comprised of top-tier open source vendors and affiliated groups, advocates for government agencies to adopt enterprise open source software as an alternative to free open source solutions.

The CEOSSG believes enterprise open source platforms provide government IT groups with high performing, flexible and scalable infrastructure. Through its participation, EDB will educate members of Congress and the Obama Administration on the value of enterprise open source products in federal agencies.

EDB develops enterprise-class performance, security and compatibility enhancements for PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source relational database. We provide the software, services, training and support required by public sector organizations to succeed with Postgres. With our unique understanding of the needs of government agencies, EDB delivers a proven, secure and feature-rich open source-based alternative to costly traditional databases. As a result, the number of agencies using EDB Postgres Plus offerings increased 40 percent during 2014, and growth is on pace to exceed that this year.

For more information on how EDB Postgres Plus can help your organization, contact us or visit our website.

Pierre Fricke is Vice President, Product Marketing, of EnterpriseDB.

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