EDB Lowers Postgres Cloud Prices and Adds AWS Instance Types

May 22, 2015

EnterpriseDB’s new version of its Postgres Plus Cloud Database (PPCD) on Amazon Web Services, released to general availability on May 26, supports all the new-generation instance types at reduced prices. We’re launching two new products that include support for T2, M3, C3, C4, D2, G2, R3, I2, HI1, and HS1 instance families.

EDB’s two cloud products are Postgres Plus Cloud Database Basic (HVM), which features community PostgreSQL, and Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced (HVM), which features EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server, database compatibility for Oracle. Both include price reductions.

PPCD Advanced is the best choice for Enterprises with critical applications, particularly when Oracle compatibility is required for cost containment and leveraging of Oracle DBA and developer skills. PPCD Basic is the best choice for Web companies and Enterprises that require a secure and high-performance transactional database that happens to also include NoSQL name-value and document datatypes.

If you’re an existing customer, taking advantage of these new products is as simple as clicking “Accept Terms” on the new Marketplace pages and then selecting a new machine type on the PPCD console you’re already using.  You don’t have to change your existing database deployments, but we’re sure you’ll want to get better performance at a lower price.

New customers can just purchase the PPCD product they want and receive the benefits as soon as they launch their first database.

Stay tuned for more details about how these new instances can help you achieve your performance goals, particularly if your database has challenging performance needs.

For more information on our cloud database, please visit Postgres Plus Cloud Database

Fred Dalrymple is Product Manager for Postgres Plus Cloud Database at EnterpriseDB.

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