Event Recap: Postgres Vision 2022 Highlights Owning Your Data and Future with Postgres

June 15, 2022

Over the last two days, EDB was thrilled to host thousands of attendees at Postgres Vision 2022. While we were all virtual for another year, the excitement and passion for Postgres and its future was palpable among both presenters and participants.

But the insights and expertise shared during this conference don’t need to stop now that the event has finished. For those who couldn’t attend, we wanted to provide a recap of PGV 2022.

Keynote by Michael Stonebraker: "The Four Things I Would Most Like to See in Postgres"

Postgres Vision 2022 hit the ground running with an opening keynote from Dr. Michael Stonebraker proposing his own personal wishlist for how to build on the current features of Postgres, Citing the need for a new and improved “time travel” functionality, additional investment in cloud compatibility and more, the session proved to be rich with insight. After all, who better to chart the future of this open source database than the man who built it to begin with?




Keynote by Ed Boyajian: 2022 - The Postgres Tipping Point

What do Postgres database and WD-40 have in common? If you’re stumped, EDB CEO Ed Boyajian has the answer, which he offered in an illuminating keynote to inaugurate Postgres Vision. Exploring the history of Postgres and the tenacity of its adherents in the face of skepticism, Boyajian told the story of two products that went from odd men out to market leaders. That’s a story we can all get behind!


“What Can You Do with PostGIS?” with Regina Obe

One of the yearly highlights of Postgres Vision is getting to step outside of the EDB bubble and hear from the wide range of innovators who work just as tirelessly to make Postgres all it can be. This time around, we got the chance to speak with Regina Obe, a Project Steering Committee Member and Developer for the PostGIS project and the President and Co-Founder of Paragon Corporation. PostGIS is a spatial database expander for Postgres and has proven to be a powerful tool for those looking to enhance their ability to run queries in SQL. Not only did the session provide a comprehensive look at a powerful utility, but it also served as a potent reminder of the dedication and time so many have devoted to Postgres.


“Running Postgres in Kubernetes with CloudNativePG” with Gabriele Bartolini

One of the most exciting developments EDB has had the opportunity to be a part of deals with an evolved cloud native approach to running Postgres. We’ve long extolled the value of this strategy, especially as it pertains to high availability and database agility. But what if we told you that you could further augment Postgres with both Kubernetes and a cloud native approach? Well, it’s not a “what if,” because that’s exactly what Postgres DBA and Cloud Native Lead Gabriele Bartolini dropped by PGV to tell attendees. In this exciting look at what you can achieve when you optimize your architecture, Bartolini explored the power of CloudNativePG, EDB’s own open source Kubernetes operator for Postgres.




“Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Tales from the Field” with Paula Berenguel

Day 2 of Postgres Vision proved just as exciting as the first, with one of the biggest highlights coming courtesy of Principal Engineering Architect at Microsoft, Paula Berenguel. As more and more businesses realize the limitations of Oracle databases, they’re turning to Postgres for a more agile, flexible and freer future. Of course, a migration project from Oracle to Postgres can be a complex undertaking, especially without the help of experts. Luckily, Berenguel was happy to sit down with us to share her experience migrating organizations from Oracle to Postgres, providing helpful insights, anecdotes and tricks for those enterprises looking to bid goodbye to a database doing them no favors.


“Community Track: Future-proof Your Startup Growth with Postgres” with Niels Kristian Schjødt

EDB recently had the pleasure of sitting down with AutoUncle Senior Developer, Co-Founder and Owner Niels Kristian Schjødt for one of our Success Stories, so it was fantastic to have him return to shed even more light on how his organization used Postgres to future-proof their massive database and, in the process, accelerate from startup to market leader. It’s stories like this that keep our enthusiasm for Postgres so consistently high. We were thrilled that we could share this one with our attendees and now with you!




Power to Postgres

During all sessions, Postgres Vision 2022, attendees were incredibly active in the chat. There, you shared your own insights and challenges; and we thank you for it. Your contributions and innovations are what helps drive Postgres and EDB forward.

While we can’t mention all of the stellar sessions from Postgres Vision here, we’re happy to share that all sessions can be viewed on-demand here. And if you’d like to check out more exciting coverage of the event, search #PostgresVision2022 on Twitter to relive the fun. 

We hope to see you next year!

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