Find the Right PostgreSQL Cloud Service For You

June 28, 2022

When businesses adopt a cloud-first strategy, they are expecting the cloud to help drive operational simplicity, flexibility, and freedom in technology choice. Another benefit is the ability to free IT resources to work on driving innovation by reducing the need to manage internal infrastructure to support their applications. 

But someone still needs to manage the cloud infrastructure and the databases in it. Companies therefore need to consider the skills on their team, and if they are lacking, then someone needs to replace them. In these cases, a fully managed cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS) has become a popular option for getting to the cloud while reducing the IT maintenance burden.

At the same time, many businesses are also seeking to reduce database costs by switching to an open source database such as Postgres. If you’re using Oracle, you’re likely wondering if it is really possible to move to the cloud and switch database technologies at the same time. What does this take? How do I migrate off my current on premises Oracle database to Postgres?


Your ultimate guide to choosing fully managed cloud databases for Postgres

To answer these questions, we engaged with Tony Baer at dbInsight. Tony is a leading independent analyst with decades of experience analyzing the database market. He understands how cloud transformation is upending the landscape and how cloud-native architecture provides opportunities for reimagining an enterprise’s product portfolio.

The resulting white paper, "Find the Right PostgreSQL Cloud Service For You", discusses the latest trends in cloud database managed services adoption and provides a framework for taking advantage of them. It also dives into: 

  • the pros and cons of a managed service
  • the key database and managed service features needed to set you up for success as you pursue a cloud-first strategy
  • how EDB BigAnimal, our fully managed cloud database solution, meets the needs of today’s demanding cloud-based mission critical applications

If you’re considering a cloud-based database, “Find the Right PostgreSQL Cloud Service For You” is a vital starting point.

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