Webinar Recap: How Governments Can Expand Their Options With Open Source Software

February 20, 2023

Open source software is changing the landscape of the global database market, and the implications could be transformative for government organizations looking to make the most of their mission-critical assets. While legacy, proprietary database providers have been an industry mainstay in the past, mission leaders in government are increasingly recognizing the constraints that these systems impose on their organizations—especially when it comes to control over their own data.

That’s why we’re excited to present Government Technology’s Lunch and Learn webinar: “How Governments Can Expand Their Options With Open Source Software.” Featuring Jeremy Wilson, EDB Field CTO for the North American Public Sector, Tracy Vitalos, EDB Partner Manager for the North American Public Sector and moderated by Bill Rials, Senior Fellow at the Center for Digital Government, this conversation provided vital insights for government agencies who are looking to modernize and transform their applications, without having to sweat budgetary restrictions.

Over the course of the discussion, EDB’s experts cover:

  • Why government, historically, has been hesitant to adopt open source solutions over tried-and-true alternatives;
  • How this approach limits innovation;
  • Where open source solutions can be most useful;
  • What exactly open source software can do for government agencies looking to modernize on a budget.

With its collaborative and dynamic roots, open source is the perfect strategy for government, especially as the expectation for rapid transformation and iteration is only increasing. Postgres, especially, has proven itself as a gold standard in the world of open source—a database that provides the flexibility, reliability and scalability that local, state and federal government agencies demand, founded on a “by the people, for the people” philosophy. 

To quote Bill Rials: “Unlike proprietary solutions, open source software is built and modified by a community, rather than a single company, which makes it an exciting option for us as local and state government leaders.”

To learn more, watch the entire on-demand webinar here and read EDB’s public sector-focused white paper, “7 Critical Success Factors for Moving to Open Source Databases.”

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