"How To" with Dave Page Episode 2: Install pgAdmin on Debian and Ubuntu

Dave Page January 4, 2021

"How To" with Dave Page Episode 2: Install pgAdmin on Debian and Ubuntu

Episode 2 of our "How To" video series with PostgreSQL expert, Dave Page, is here!

This video tutorial walks through the steps of installing pgAdmin, a PostgreSQL administration tool on Debian and Ubuntu.

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Stay tuned for episode 3.


Dave PageVice President & Chief Architect, Database Infrastructure

Dave Page is Vice President and Chief Architect, Database Infrastructure, currently working in the CTO team on research and development, best practices with Postgres, and providing high-level guidance and support for key customers. Dave has been working with PostgreSQL since 1998 and is one of five members of the open source project's Core Team, as well as serving as Secretary of the Board of PostgreSQL Europe and Chairman of the PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada. He joined EDB in 2007 and has been influential in the company’s direction and development of critical database management tools and product packaging and deployment. Prior to EDB, Dave spent more than a decade with The Vale Housing Association as Head of IT. He joined the organization after spending four years as an electronics technician with the Department of Particle and Nuclear Physics at the University of Oxford. Dave holds a Higher National Certificate in electronic engineering from Oxford Brookes University and a Master’s degree in information technology from the University of Liverpool.