January Off and Running with Postgres Events Near and Far

January 09, 2020

We kick off January with our experts speaking at four events that are near our headquarters, then the U.S. west coast, and closing out the month in Germany.

Non-Relational Postgres Storage 

Next Tuesday, January 14, Bruce Momjian, co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and EDB senior database architect, will speak at the Boston Postgres User Group. The topic is Non-Relational Postgres Storage with Bruce outlining the different types of non-relational storage options, like JSON, as well as advantages of non-relational storage and Postgres support. It’s a free event open to anybody.

Deep Dive Into EXPLAIN Plans

The following week on January 21, EDB is among the sponsors of PgDay in San Francisco where Richard Yen, principal support engineer at EnterpriseDB, will present at a session titled, Explaining EXPLAIN: A Deep Dive into EXPLAIN Plans. It’s to help developers and DBAs understand what can be done to improve query performance. The event is open to anybody with interest in the world's most awesome open source database (their words, not ours, though we completely agree).

Making PostgreSQL Central in Your Data Center

At the end of the month on January 29, Bruce Momjian will be at a meetup in Hamburg, Germany talking about Making PostgreSQL Central in Your Data Center, including lessons learned from migration projects to PostgreSQL. Bruce will cover extensibility of the Postgres database, including access to foreign data sources and ability handle NoSQL-like and data warehousing workloads.


We hope to see you as our team travels the world to share the story of Postgres Everywhere. Keep up on where we’ll be next by visiting our Events calendar.



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