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March 26, 2019

The EnterpriseDB JDBC Driver supports the use of logging (or tracing) to help resolve issues with the JDBC Driver when is used in your application.

The JDBC Driver uses the logging APIs of java.util.logging (part of Java since JDK 1.4), which makes it a good choice for the driver since it doesn't add any external dependency for a logging framework.

java.util.logging is a very rich and powerful tool, it's beyond the scope of this blog to explain or use its full potential, for that please refer to Java Logging Overview.

This logging support was added since version of the EnterpriseDB JDBC Driver, while previous versions use a custom mechanism to enable logging that it is replaced by the use of java.util.logging in current versions, the old mechanism is no longer available.

>>Learn more about JDBC logging using java.util.logging on Postgres Rocks.

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