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May 16, 2024


EDB - Meet Loop

Born of a simple idea. How do we truly emphasize the depth of commitment to the ideas behind Postgres? Initially implemented in 1986, it’s the most loved and fastest-growing database on the planet. Very few ideas in technology get their big moment, 30+ years after their inception.  There is something very powerful about the idea of Postgres that has more resonance than ever before. 

The explosion of data and AI

90% of the data ever created on Earth was generated in the last two years. Imagine how that data creation process will continue to expand even faster over the next two or more years. $1 billion of new AI-led gross domestic product (GDP) is being created each day, which is equivalent to two or three new top-100 revenue companies being built from scratch each year. AI engines require ten to 100 times more data in varying forms than ever before. These advanced technologies have avarice for data to build and operate models and ideas that will feed this new AI and data economy.

Postgres for the AI generation

Postgres is the perfect database engine to carry the almost infinite need for capacity, agility, and potential into the next era of data.  We are EDB, Postgres for the AI generation. And we believe the idea of “Just solve it with Postgres.”

Customers considering Postgres for their next project (35%+ of them in the US and other geos in EMEA) score more highly on a whole range of future thinking ideas and practices than their peers. From operationalizing AI into their business, working on hybrid clouds, and mixing data across workloads, the companies that use Postgres are committed to digital transformation. These are curious adventurers looking to shape and lead the new worlds of data, AI and open source software.

Creating our new visual identity

We started with the mathematical symbol for therefore three small dots in a triangle shape. If Postgres, therefore EDB. Our vision is that those three dots express the inevitability of EDB. The dots alone just weren’t very exciting or appealing. We wanted our new visual identity to present all the possibilities, almost boundless of the AI and data worlds with Postgres we are seeing happen.  We needed something that represented the sensibilities of this new generation and what they dream of doing. We needed something that felt modern, relevant, flexible and beautiful.

We began looking for a way to, quite literally, connect the dots. By using the dots as negative space, we illustrated a path that worked its way around them. Next, we wanted to add dimension, to hint at the infinite scalability and optionality that working with Postgres opens up.

Loop morphed from three dots to three loops which are perfectly connected in all directions, just like transactional, analytical, and AI workloads. You can see the letters EDB in the loop shapes, or a cloud, or a double Mobius strip. These three loops represent the almost endless sense of opportunity of data in motion. We have also introduced gradients as part of our visual identity, which give a sense of motion too.

Just solve it with Postgres

Loop is immediately recognizable as the convergence of three distinct forms, infused with dynamic greens and blues that add a natural feel to the logo. The shades are softer than our earlier primary colors, and more and in keeping with Loop’s gentle curves. The overall impression of Loop is substantial without being heavy, evoking the infinite, and illustrating a continuum without becoming linear.

Loop is all about new ways to see the world and new ways to understand the opportunities of Postgres for AI workloads. In this way, Loop retains its connection to all of our early ideas about the what, how, and why of EDB, as well as the limitless possibilities of Postgres.  

If Postgres, therefore EDB. 


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