New PostgreSQL Tools are the Latest in EDB’s Community Contributions

July 02, 2014

EnterpriseDB has long had a close and meaningful relationship with the open source PostgreSQL community. This takes shape in a number of ways, from sponsoring PostgreSQL events worldwide to underwriting organizational and development initiatives by supporting employee contributions to the community. A significant number of the community’s leaders, core contributors and committers work at EDB – more than at any other one company. These talented and committed individuals work alongside developers who also make significant contributions to PostgreSQL through their work on code that EDB ultimately contributes to the community PostgreSQL project.

EDB’s code contributions to the PostgreSQL community are not well understood. Recent contributions include materialized views, index only scans, linear read scaling to 64 cores, and SQL/MED compliant MySQL foreign data wrapper.

The newest software contributions from EDB under PostgreSQL license are pg_catcheck, a catalog integrity checker, and pg_hibernator, a solution to save and restore the Postgres shared-buffers contents across Postgres server restarts.


If you’re experiencing system catalog corruption, Postgres pg_catcheck makes it easy to determine the nature and extent of the corruption so you can take appropriate recovery actions. It helps you understand how widespread the catalog damage is, and whether you’ve found all the problems that might prevent you from accessing your data. pg_catcheck can also help you find damage that can be repaired to the point that a valid pg_dump backup of the database may be taken and restored into a new one.

Learn more about pg_catcheck and download the tool.


pg_hibernator, created by EDB Database Architect Gurjeet Singh, is a set-it-and-forget-it solution to save and restore the Postgres shared-buffers contents across Postgres server restarts for an entire Postgres cluster.

According to Gurjeet , “Ideal database installations that would benefit from this extension would be the ones with a high cache-hit ratio. With pg_hibernator enabled, your database would start cranking pre-maintenance TPS (Transactions Per Second) within first couple of minutes after a restart.”

For more information on how these and other tools help DBAs enhance performance, security and manageability of Postgres deployments, contact us.

Gary Carter is Director of Product Marketing at EnterpriseDB.

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