Postgres Developers: Replace Best Guesses with Best Practices

January 16, 2015

EnterpriseDB has recently experienced a surge in demand for Postgres training, with a 26% increase in participants over the last year alone. This reflects not only the expansion of EDB’s end user base, but also the rising interest in Postgres in the industry overall. More and more large enterprise customers want to use EDB’s tools in production and non-production environments to satisfy mission critical deployments. To support Postgres users building, configuring, testing and staging new mission-critical applications, EDB has rolled out new Postgres Plus Developer Edition subscriptions.

Developer subscriptions now allow users to develop, prepare and test their databases in production-ready configurations using all of EDB’s tools for performance, scalability, high availability, and management. Rapid development, aggressive deployment schedules, and an explosion in applications collecting data leave little time for research and lots of room for error that often lead to best guesses in order to move a project forward. A Developer Edition subscription is designed to replace best guesses with best practices so organizations can move projects forward faster, with better quality and a larger ROI.

Organizations that are new to Postgres and still in assessment mode will find a Developer Edition subscription useful for discovering and evaluating the full capabilities and potential cost savings offered by PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server, which extends PostgreSQL with enterprise-level performance, security and database compatibility for Oracle. The subscriptions enable users to design (with expert advice), customize and test their pre-production mission-critical deployments using all EDB tools, including:

  • Postgres Enterprise Manager for monitoring, managing and tuning
  • xDB Replication Server for replication solutions
  • Failover Manager for high availability
  • Backup and Recovery Tool to safeguard data

Each year of a Developer Edition subscription includes two blocks of consulting time, each block consisting of four hours with an EDB service consultant experienced in production Postgres deployments to fast-track projects into production faster, with higher quality and overall performance. EDB’s expert consultants can provide feedback and advice on subjects such as database design, setup configuration, diagnostics and tuning parameters.

Please visit our site to learn more about Postgres Plus Developer Edition, or contact us for more information.

Debra Brucato is Director, Services Product Management at EnterpriseDB.

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