Postgres Event Roundup: Where is EDB in February?

February 03, 2020

Contributed by Karin Lauria

Where is EDB this month? A better question is ‘where isn’t EDB this month?’ with seven Postgres-related events taking place in Asia, Europe and North America.

Let’s have a chronological look at the travels of EDB and its experts in February.

Unlocking the Postgres Lock Manager

At PgConf Russia in Moscow, Bruce Momjian, PostgreSQL co-founder Postgres Core Development Group and VP - Postgres Evangelist at EnterpriseDB, is doing a session on February 4th that explores all aspects of locking in Postgres. To maximize efficiency and performance while enabling many users to access data at the same time, Bruce will cover many lock types, including row, table, shared, exclusive and advisory.

Non-Relational Postgres

On the second day of the conference, Bruce has another session that looks at the many ways Postgres can efficiently support non-relational storage to simplify access to data. The talk will cover several examples, including arrays, range types, geometry, full text search, xml, json and records.

Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day

EDB is a sponsor of the event in the Czech Republic on February 5th and 6th.

PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

Bruce Momjian will be at a Google Developer Group meetup in Tyumen, Russia on February 7 in a session for advanced PostgreSQL users that will cover every aspect of performance: server settings, caching, sizing operating system resources, optimizer processing, problem queries, storage efficiency and some hardware selection details. He will go into detail about how to size shared memory, how to understand the output of the optimizer, when to restructure queries and how to configure storage for optimal performance.

Then, on February 10th at the Tver.IO PostMeetUp in Russia, Bruce will cover the same topic for that audience.

Making PostgreSQL Central in Your Data Center

Traveling to Belarus, Bruce will speak at the Minsk PostgreSQL Meetup on February 12th to share lessons learned from migration projects to PostgreSQL. He’ll cover extensibility of the Postgres database, including access to foreign data sources and ability to handle NoSQL-like and data warehousing workloads.

Postgres for Enterprise Scale

Closer to home, at the IBM Cloud Fast Start 2020 in Las Vegas from February 17-21, EDB will have a booth in the Data and AI section with experts available to talk about how we can help IBM clients leverage a proven, open source-based SQL relational database solution that’s purpose built for enterprise data needs, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Eric Cargol and Kevin McIntyre will do a Lightning Talk explaining why Postgres is a strong strategic fit for IBM's open source initiatives. For additional details about their talk, including scheduling information, follow us on Twitter @EDBPostgres or check our events page around mid-February. 

Future of Postgres in a Multi-Cloud World – and More

At PGConf India in Bengaluru from February 26-28, EDB experts will speak at seven sessions, including a keynote address by Marc Linster, SVP product development. Marc will look at how customers take advantage of Postgres as their universal data platform given its ability to run in containers, on every cloud computing platform, in every data center and on every developer laptop. We’ll preview the other six sessions in a separate blog post closer to the event.

We hope to see you along the way as our team travels the world to share the story of Postgres Everywhere. Keep up on where we’ll be next by visiting our Events calendar.


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