Postgres Plus Cloud Database Goes Long and Deep

January 30, 2014

It’s just a coincidence that it’s the football season. But two particularly notable plays for EnterpriseDB's preeminent Postgres Plus Cloud Database are cause for enterprise attention, and each opens up significant and strategic new options.

For the long game, Postgres Plus Cloud Database is now available in the Southern and Eastern hemispheres – specifically, in Amazon Web Services' Sydney Australia region. If your company’s web applications must reach users in APAC, particularly in Australia or New Zealand, you can now use Postgres Plus Cloud Database and locate those services closer to users for better performance.

If you’re responsible for critical services that cannot tolerate downtime, you now have the option of using the Sydney region to add redundancy to deployments in other regions, such as Singapore. This can ensure business continuity even when an entire region has an outage.

We’re going deep by offering Postgres Plus Cloud Database for Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). This is exciting news to businesses that are feeling their way into cloud technologies or that have sensitive applications data pros are reluctant to put onto a public cloud.

We’ve created an easy path to building a private cloud that lets you “cloudify” your physical datacenter and move legacy applications into your own, secure cloud environment. Postgres Plus Cloud Database is designed for that environment, with an easy-to-use management console for deploying and monitoring your Postgres databases, performance autoscaling and built-in security. Moreover, you’ll have the same powerful database as in your physical datacenter, with root-level access for complete configurability, performance tuning and integration with enterprise services, such as identity management.

The game gets even more interesting when you use a VPC to build a hybrid cloud, one that blends your physical datacenter with a private cloud. With support for Amazon's VPC, Postgres Plus Cloud Database now lets you control security of your private cloud environment so it can safely connect to services within your physical datacenter without exposing sensitive information to the external cloud.

If you’re a developer, you can easily set up and take down develop-and-test environments with access to both internal and cloud resources – without risking leaks to competitors. And when you’re ready to deploy your new application, it’s poised for simple movement into the private or public cloud.

You’ll find the new release of Postgres Plus Cloud Database definitely moves your cloud game ahead. For more information on using Postgres in the cloud, please visit:

Fred Dalrymple is a Product Manager at EnterpriseDB.

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