Report: Government Agencies are Future-Proofing Their Data Initiatives with Postgres

May 16, 2022

As government agencies look to modernize their applications and strategies, it’s critical that they adopt database technologies that will support their innovation. While, in the past, many of these agencies have relied on proprietary databases for these initiatives, it’s increasingly clear that these tools are both too restrictive to handle the projects that government needs to undertake in order to accelerate their evolution. With issues such as vendor lock-in, rising costs and severe limitations on third-party integrations posing substantial issues, many agencies are looking to open source databases like Postgres to help future-proof their most critical data initiatives and drive ongoing growth.

In order to better understand how government organizations are currently using Postgres—and how they can achieve even more through increased adoption—EDB collaborated with GovLoop on their recent report “How to Future-Proof Your Data Initiatives.” Compiling key data points on attitudes towards open source databases in modern government, as well as actionable insights into the power of Postgres, this report explores what the most popular open source database project can do to empower and accelerate modernization in government agencies and why this matters now more than ever!

Want to learn even more about how open source is changing the way government agencies manage data? Read the full GovLoop report here!

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