Surf’s Up! Riding The Second Wave Of Open Source

October 15, 2019

I have never surfed before, but I am told it is incredibly exciting and great exercise, which as we all know is very good for you. For some it may sound daunting, because it is so unlike any other sport, but for those prepared to take the challenge it can be hugely rewarding.  Stretching yourself – perhaps literally – and taking your body out of its comfort zone is a proven way of staying healthy. I would argue there are similarities for IT departments as they evaluate how to get their database architectures fit to support businesses that want to become more agile and responsive to customers. 

Making sure that IT systems are fit-for-purpose, robust and reliable enables companies to embrace new markets, innovative products and re-engineered processes: all are typical of organisations which are looking to survive and thrive in an increasingly fraught business environment.

The good news is that the second wave of open source offers IT decision makers the tools to meet the needs of business.  Being able to ride the second wave of open source will require extensive preparation. It may require some “surfing lessons,” which may be hard, but as with any exercise designed to get you or your IT infrastructure fitter that is not a bad thing – as the old adage goes there’s little benefit in taking it easy: “no gain without pain”.


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