Tool Time: Replication and Failover

June 03, 2014

With more than 2,400 customers, EnterpriseDB is well positioned to learn a great deal from Postgres users and gain deep insight into their needs and wishes. This interaction influences our product roadmap, and innovation in our new releases regularly features customer requests that benefit all.

The most recent results of our collaboration with end users is the release of upgraded versions of two solutions in our suite of Postgres tools, EDB xDB Replication Server and EDB Failover Manager. These enhanced versions include commonly requested features to better address evolving needs of mission-critical applications.

EDB xDB Replication Server 5.1

Our xDB Replication Server addresses multiple problem sets, including improving data availability, increasing performance, safeguarding data and migration or testing systems at lower costs. The newest version of our xDB Replication Server includes the following:

  • Optimized triggers and reduced replication latency
  • Extended DDL replication support
  • Custom conflict handling
  • Row level filtering enhancements 

This critical tool now features a reduction in the latency time for replicating transactions on one node to a second node, as well as improving overall throughput between nodes. This improves scalability and performance, and no special configuration option is necessary to take advantage of this improvement.

The DDL change replication feature has been enhanced to support additional online schema evolution features including renaming columns, changing column data types, modifying column constraints and dropping columns.

Custom conflict handling allows DBAs to configure update-conflict resolution routines across Multi Master Replication (MMR) environments that match their specific business needs, with custom conflict handlers to resolve update conflicts using any procedural language. Row filtering support, which was previously present in Single Master Replication, is now present in MMR environments as well.

EDB Failover Manager

EDB’s Failover Manager creates fault-tolerant database clusters to minimize downtime when a master database fails by keeping data online in high availability configurations. Failover Manager 1.1 agents now run as operating system services, ensuring agents continue to monitor the cluster after a failover event occurs. Security for Jgroups authentication was enhanced with an additional authentication mechanism that prevents unauthorized Jgroups nodes from joining the cluster.

Looking Ahead

These new enhancements reinforce EDB's commitment to mission-critical Postgres deployments and meeting all our users’ database needs. Customers can continue to rely on a single source for all of their database tooling instead of a set of unrelated tools with inconsistent quality, release schedules, licenses, processes and support teams.

Find more information on how these and other tools help DBAs enhance performance, security and manageability of Postgres deployments, contact us.

Jason Davis is a Product Manager at EnterpriseDB.

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