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April 05, 2023
Learning Elephant

Postgres is the database of the future. In recent years it’s skyrocketed in popularity across industries and established itself as the go-to database for innovators. It’s considered the most loved and wanted database technology by developers (according to Stack Overflow’s 2022 Developers Survey). It even was recognized as the Readers’ Choice in 2022 for the category of Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Transactional Database.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Postgres training is an essential asset for you—DBAs, developers and IT leaders. To put it simply: if you want to innovate, you need to know Postgres and stay current on the latest developments.


Transforming business

In stark contrast to the restrictions of legacy database providers, Postgres has established itself as a flexible, powerful and performant database—perfect for modern applications. Its potential for extreme high availability, scalability and integration makes it the ideal database management solution (DBMS) for those looking to push the boundaries of their business and harness the full potential of their data.

Backed by a constantly evolving community, Postgres is ever-growing to meet the demands and the ambitions of innovative organizations, no matter their size. Its wealth of features and possibilities have helped enterprises from startups to industry mainstays push their limits.


Maximize your database benefits with Postgres training

Postgres is a feature-rich database with important differences from other DBMS systems—it offers immense opportunities, but can also prove difficult to master for those who haven’t learned its unique characteristics. Your database environment needs to be Always On, always agile and always performing, but that’s not possible if your teams don’t fully understand how your database works.

If you’re trying to configure or optimize Postgres, do you have someone who can provide the know-how? Or are your teams going to have to scour message boards for answers that they may not locate for hours.

If you want to integrate a new tool into your Postgres stack, will you be able to, smoothly? Or will you be risking downtime caused by an error that both inhibits your innovation and frustrates your customers?

If you want to achieve the full potential of Postgres, you need Postgres fluency across your organization. This will better enable you to own your data and shape your business future.

You need Postgres training.


Get free on-demand Postgres training from the Postgres leaders

Oftentimes, enterprises don’t fully invest in Postgres training because it seems like an unnecessary expense. But winging it with your database is far more expensive. Database failures can result in massive loss of revenue. In fact, for a $500M company whose 24x7 business is dependent on an application running on Postgres which goes down or is not performing to expectations. The very real cost to this organization is $57,000 per hour, not to mention taking a hit to their reputation and potential penalties. 

That’s why EDB decided to make all of our on-demand Postgres training resources free.

We’ve seen firsthand what Postgres can do for a business—and we’ve also seen why it’s necessary for those who are invested in Postgres, to know Postgres. Our founding team is made up of many of those who’ve built Postgres from the ground up, and—with their expertise—we’ve been able to design Postgres training for every type of user: from DBAs to developers, from novices to experts. With the EDB Postgres Essentials course, certification/digital badge and Advanced EDB course, certification/digital badge, EDB Postgres training not only empowers your business, it helps your team members expand their careers.

Plus, all of our courses—covering new features, capabilities and dynamic use cases—are available on-demand. This means, your users can learn at their pace, on your timeline, with the same level of flexibility that makes Postgres so loved. 

You deserve to see the full potential of your business, to build modern applications that push the limits of your industry. Join the 30,000+ individuals who have advanced their Postgres skills with multi-level and role based training courses. Let’s get your future started.


Click here to create a free account on our training portal!

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