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Veritas NetBackup and EDB Postgres

John Dalton8/28/2019
Product updates

Protecting data across your enterprise is a tough job. Data centers are complex environments and are constantly changing to support business demands. As organizations expand their use of Postgres in top-tier enterprise applications, the need to provide the same level of protection as legacy systems data is paramount.

NetBackup from Veritas is a leading enterprise data protection tool that not only addresses legacy systems, but in partnership with EnterpriseDB allows you to expand your existing governance, automation, and management processes to the EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL databases included in the EDB Postgres Platform.

Certified Support

NetBackup, today at version 8.2, first added support for Postgres during the NetBackup 8.1 release cycle. NetBackup supports active releases of Postgres on both Linux and Windows operating systems running on the x86_64 CPU architecture. Currently supported versions of EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL are 11, 10, 9.6, 9.5, and 9.4. With version 12 on the horizon, and standard support for 9.4 ending soon, it is always good to check EnterpriseDB’s Supported Products and Platforms as you plan your solution rollout. To learn more about the specific NetBackup configurations of EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL supported, see the Veritas NetBackup™ 8.0 - 8.x.x Database and Application Agent Compatibility List for details.

Getting Started

Implementing NetBackup support requires the following components:

  1. The EDB Postgres Platform with the Advanced Server or PostgreSQL database option installed and in operation.
  2. NetBackup 8.1 or later, installed and operational on the master server, media server, and the client.
  3. The NetBackup for PostgreSQL Agent. The install package can be downloaded at

A great resource for understanding what is needed to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot this solution is the Veritas NetBackup™ for PostgreSQL Administrator's Guide.

Peace of Mind

Finally, if you are using NetBackup today, you are already aware of the benefits that a unified enterprise data protection tool provides for recovering critical data when disaster strikes. This partnership gives you the peace of mind that your Postgres data is supported and managed to the same or higher level standard as your legacy systems.


EnterpriseDB is a Veritas Technology Ecosystem Partner


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