Videos: Learn to Install and Start EDB Postgres Failover Manager

February 03, 2017

A cornerstone for ensuring ongoing data access during scheduled downtime or unexpected failures is a high availability design. The EDB Postgres Failover Manager is a high availability solution that monitors the health of streaming replication clusters and detects failures, and, if activated, automatically triggers a failover to minimize downtime.

EDB Postgres Failover Manager, which is included in the EDB Postgres Platform, provides highly available fault tolerant database clusters, monitoring, failure detection, and failover mechanisms that can be integrated into a variety of stringent high 9s-based high availability solutions. The result is significantly reduced downtime and data that is available and online when a master database server fails.

Below are two new videos on EDB Postgres Failover Manager to help users of the EDB Postgres Platform get started. The first walks users through installation and setup; the other addresses using the tool to start a cluster. 


The first video covers installation and setup of EDB Postgres Failover Manager. If you are upgrading from a previous version, the upgrade functionality is demonstrated, which automates moving your configuration settings to the new version. For new users, a walkthrough of all the configuration properties is included as well.





The second video explains the steps of starting an EDB Postgres Failover Manager cluster, including two new features that simplify cluster startup. First, EDB Postgres Failover Manager now makes it easier to allow new nodes into the cluster, reducing the number of steps needed to get all agents started. Second,  a ‘membership coordinator’ feature is now included that simplifies starting an agent so that it no longer needs to know the address of every existing agent in the cluster.




For more information on the EDB Postgres Platform and how specialized Postgres tools developed by EDB can help support you and your Postgres environment, please contact us or send an email to

Bobby Bissett is Lead Architect for the EDB Postgres Failover Manager at EnterpriseDB.

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