Webinar Recap: Fuel the DevOps Movement and Innovate Faster with Cloud Native Postgres

April 21, 2022

Recently, EDB hosted a webinar entitled Fuel the DevOps Movement and Innovate Faster with Cloud Native Postgres. Featuring Gabriele Bartolini, EDB’s Vice President of Cloud Native, and Jan Karremans, EDB’s Global Director of Product Marketing, this session explored how Cloud Native Postgres empowers organizations invested in modern application development, and vital new features on the horizon.

Cloud Native Postgres combines the freedom and flexibility of Postgres with the automation, scaling, and management of Kubernetes, ensuring that businesses can truly modernize their infrastructure and power their performance in the cloud. Over the course of this webinar, Bartolini and Karremans discussed:

  • How Cloud Native Postgres and Kubernetes fuel modern databases
  • How Cloud Native Postgres and Kubernetes accelerate innovation and modern application development
  • EDB’s role in the Cloud Native ecosystem

Read on to learn about the potential that Kubernetes and Postgres combined can offer. 


DevOps accelerates enterprise app development

Across industries, businesses are invested in building truly modern applications, and DevOps is responsible for ensuring they achieve their goals. Developers and operations personnel are the backbone of innovation for modern enterprises, and their ability to achieve their goals is vital to any organization looking to evolve.

As Bartolini explains during his portion of the webinar, there are a number of key tenets undergirding DevOps, and their ability to leverage these elements governs whether application development will succeed and progress. These include:

  • Version Control
  • Trunk (or Branch) Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Deployment Automation
  • Testing
  • Architecture
  • Continuous Delivery
  • and more

Each of these pillars is essential to building modern applications and managing modern databases. In order to achieve them, DevOps teams need solutions and tools that are flexible, agile, and designed for innovation.

As such, it’s no surprise that developers have long trusted Postgres as a dynamic database management system. Since its inception, Postgres has held a reputation for innovation and freedom, allowing organizations to leverage a wide range of development tools without the restrictions that might come from a contract with a legacy database provider. As time has gone on, Karremans notes, Postgres has risen to the needs and demands of developers, growing to help them achieve each of those key requirements in the development process.

As per Karremans and Bartolini, Cloud Native Postgres is the latest iteration of this, and one of the most empowering for modern DevOps teams.


Why DevOps and Cloud Native go hand in hand

When it comes to application development, Cloud Native databases have proven to be a powerful ally. The flexibility they afford, along with their cost efficiency appeals to both well-established businesses and up-and-coming innovators invested in digital transformation. While it’s been possible to run Postgres in the cloud for a while, Cloud Native Postgres could provide even more benefits to DevOps, especially with the foundation of Kubernetes upon which Cloud Native Postgres resides.

For developers, a database is just one component in a complex and dynamic stack that must interact with many other components. Their microservices architecture plays a major role in driving modern application development.

Cloud Native databases, like Cloud Native Postgres, are able to integrate far more fluidly with a business’ microservice architecture. As a result, DevOps teams have increased velocity and visibility in their development process. The agility they gain benefits each of the key needs previously mentioned, and puts them in a better position to manage the complex infrastructure required to build and maintain modern applications. This proves especially vital when it comes to Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices. With a Cloud Native architecture, you can more effectively coordinate code updates at scale, and deliver changes and updates to applications on-demand, safely, and sustainably. This is the key to constantly evolving applications.

Even more exciting for DevOps might be the freedom that a database strategy like Cloud Native Postgres affords. Make no mistake, the way in which a Cloud Native approach opens the door for innovation broadly is incredible. But that combined with the flexibility that an open source database like Postgres offers empowers DevOps even more.

This has always been an important factor for those who evangelize Postgres: it doesn’t lock you in with a vendor or limit the tools and solutions you can incorporate into your arsenal. This freedom provides a level of flexibility few other database solutions can lay claim to. Combining that with the expansive potential of a Cloud Native development approach ensures that DevOps teams can approach modern application-building in a truly modern way, unencumbered and free to innovate.


Cloud Native fuels innovation

Cloud Native technologies empower organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. Their flexibility and dynamism are powerful tools for businesses invested in modern application development and a true DevOps philosophy.

These attributes are exemplified by Cloud Native Postgres, which combines the freedom and innovation of Postgres, with the robust foundation of Kubernetes to enhance modern application development like never before. What Cloud Native Postgres offers to DevOps is exactly why EDB is so excited about its potential. DevOps is an important seat of invention and experimentation across industries, and Cloud Native Postgres will only further empower this movement and all developers to continue on that path.

And this is just the beginning! Check out the full webinar to discover all the many insights we couldn’t include here. For those looking to evolve their enterprises and applications, Karremans and Bartolini’s expertise is invaluable!

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