Webinar: Using PostgreSQL as a Strategic Business Tool

October 23, 2020


PostgreSQL database continues to increase in popularity, as there are several key business benefits for PostgreSQL users. Not only is it cost-effective, but it's highly suited to support mission-critical enterprise business requirements across all industry verticals—including financial services, healthcare, and government.

PostgreSQL allows you to deploy and integrate in your environment of choice, be it cloud (public or private), on-premise, containers, etc. based on your business requirements. PostgreSQL can also be designed in a variety of architectures that best suits your needs. 

So, how can you determine how to best use PostgreSQL to your advance and deploy it with a purpose?

In our recent webinar, the EDB team reviewed best practices and lessons learned from working with large and mid-size companies on their deployment of PostgreSQL. We explored the practices that helped industry leaders move through these stages quickly, and get as much value out of PostgreSQL as possible without incurring undue risk.

Specifically, the webinar covered a set of levers that companies can use to accelerate their success with PostgreSQL, including:

  • Application Tiering
  • Collaboration between DBAs and Development Teams
  • Evangelizing
  • Standardization and Automation
  • Balance of Migration and New Development


Watch our on-demand webinar, PostgreSQL as a Strategic Tool: Deploy with Purpose, to dive deeper! 


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