EDB for Developers and Architects

ID: TRNG-EPDA-105 v11
Language: English

Topics Covered

EDB Postgres for Developers and Architects is a 3-day training that gives you the essential skills for application development with EDB Postgres Advanced Server backend. Learn about Postgres data types, database objects, indexes, transactions, connectors, client tools, extensions, foreign data wrappers and various other SQL functionalities. You will also learn a multi-step plan for SQL tuning and an overview of oracle PLSQL compatible stored procedure language (SPL) in EDB Postgres Advanced Server. 


This course is designed for experienced Database Developers who are new to EDB Postgres and want to gain the essential as well as advanced skills required to effectively design and use EDB Postgres databases as a backend for new or existing applications.


It is recommended that you have working knowledge of relational databases and basic knowledge of Linux or Windows 

$ 1200.00