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EDB Postgres Tools v11

ID: TRNG-FTP-103v11

Language: English

Topics Covered

This class covers on the tools and techniques for high availability, disaster recovery, and replication. Learn how to use enterprise-class tools to build highly resilient environments for mission-critical workloads. We include best practices and tools to: 

  • Monitor, manage, and tune database deployments
  • Implement retention policies and recovery requirements
  • Perform backups for large-scale Postgres deployments
  • Support automated failover and create extremely reliable solutions with high availability
  • Execute migrations from major vendors to EDB Postgres
  • Replicate data with geographic load balancing, simplified real-time migration, and heterogeneous data integration
  • Protect against multiple SQL injection vectors at the data tier
  • Secure proprietary source code and programs

Formerly known as

Building a Modern Postgres Architecture v11