Bestselling Author Dan Lyons to Deliver a Keynote Address at Postgres Vision 2018

Date -2018-05-07 Location - BOSTON In his address titled Disrupted: What Makes a Unicorn, Lyons will examine the inner workings of companies that, flush with venture capital, are achieving $1 billion valuations while disrupting the industries of much bigger and more established companies. With an eye toward the lessons these new companies can share, Lyons will help crack the secret code of these so-called “unicorns” with a talk about reinvention, innovation, and creativity by taking a view from the inside.  

“Stable industries are facing upheaval because of faster, more nimble entrants with new ways of approaching established practices, in much the same way that the cloud and open source software has challenged traditional vendors,” said Lyons. “These unicorns have a great deal to teach us about innovation if we can study their DNA and turn their best practices into competitive differentiation. Venues like Postgres Vision are where the conversations can become strategic direction.”  

Now a frequent speaker and guest lecturer, Lyons draws from his experience as a Marketing Fellow at marketing software provider Hubspot, an experience he chronicled in Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Startup Bubble. He also spent more than two decades as a journalist covering the technology industry; Lyons was Technology Editor at Newsweek and a Senior Editor at Forbes. 

He parlayed his insight from covering technology and Silicon Valley for Forbes to launch a satirical blog under the persona of Steve Jobs called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. The blog ran for more than five years, building traffic to 1.6 million monthly unique visitors. He also wrote a work of fiction titled Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a satire about Silicon Valley. 

In addition to keynote sessions, the Postgres Vision agenda will include informational panels, and presentations emphasizing the needs of both business decision makers and technical problem solvers. The theme for Postgres Vision 2018 will be “Postgres in the Cloud” and the event will feature a number of presentations that will help organizations prepare strategies for managing data in the cloud. Other topics include migrating from Oracle and other legacy database systems, adoption of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solutions, incorporating agility frameworks and DevOps methods, and new Postgres capabilities.

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