Claranet Connects with EnterpriseDB for Peace of Mind

Date -2008-01-16

Claranet Connects with EnterpriseDB for Peace of Mind


Leading Managed Services Provider Subscribes to 24x7 PostgreSQL Support to Protect Mission-Critical Systems; EnterpriseDB Provides the Foundation for Claranet Global Growth Plans


LONDON, Jan. 16, 2008 - EnterpriseDB, maker of the world's leading Oracle-compatible database, today announces a contract to provide premium support services for Claranet's PostgreSQL-based business order management and invoicing system named Messina. Claranet's rapid growth has led to an increasing amount of mission-critical transactions utilising Messina, and this support contract ensures optimum performance and minimum downtime.

The Messina system has grown from supporting only UK Business Group transactions to coverage of a full set of implementations throughout Claranet's European offices. The system manages everything from order processing through to installation and invoicing. These transactions are significant making this system fundamentally critical to the group's cash flow and ultimate success.

Chris Fewtrell, Messina Team Systems Development Manager at Claranet sees the contract as providing real peace of mind, as well as mitigating risk and creating a solid foundation for Claranet business processes and future growth plans.

"After five years and an EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL training course, I'm quite proficient at working with PostgreSQL, but that doesn't mean I can do everything the database requires. Messina is integral to our business processes and were it to fail we would immediately see the impact to our day-to-day business. This is exactly the reason that constant support is so vital for us," says Fewtrell.

The three-year contract currently covers Claranet's UK hosted hardware, which supports Portugal and UK core operations as well as the US Messina archive. When Claranet Spanish operations move onto Messina later this year, the contract will cover this instance as well.

From a business perspective, Claranet is currently working to transform itself into a global managed service provider. As part of this process, Fewtrell is consolidating the company's five disparate Messina systems into one. This centrally-hosted and managed system will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of international order management.

"Our contract will play a key role in successfully bringing all these disparate systems together. Following this consolidation process, our entire global order management and invoicing system will be supported by EnterpriseDB. PostgreSQL is the ideal platform for us given its high performance and advanced enterprise features."

"In addition to its notably low TCO, PostgreSQL allows us to adapt and change operations and functions to support business requirements quickly and painlessly, more so than with the rest of our MySQL databases. This capability is only magnified by the in-depth knowledge and very high quality of EnterpriseDB's support team. They have consistently exceeded my expectations, going beyond the call to help us resolve any issues."

"Under the Premium Support contract, EnterpriseDB undertakes to provide 24x7 support for business critical issues and business hours support for development requests. Steve Bale, EnterpriseDB International General Manager, commented, "we're proud to be working with such a well-regarded company as Claranet. By employing many key PostgreSQL community leaders, the commercial 24x7 support we are able to offer makes PostgreSQL a difficult open source proposition to resist. This becomes even more compelling when enterprises realise that there is a clear upgrade path to an Oracle compatible database in Advanced Server."

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