EDB Closes the High Availability Gap for Postgres in the Cloud with EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal™

New innovation improves application uptime, enhances geo-distributed data capabilities, and simplifies maintenance in any cloud

Date -2023-08-29 Location - BEDFORD, MA EnterpriseDB (“EDB”), the leader in accelerating Postgres® in the enterprise, today announced the general availability of EDB Postgres Distributed on EDB BigAnimal™ fully-managed Postgres-as-a-Service. This advancement empowers enterprises to expand their global footprint with the help of best-in-class high availability, enhanced geo-distributed data architectures and simplified maintenance.

Disasters and inadequate operational resilience plans can result in significant downtime, which can negatively impact a company’s bottom line and brand reputation. Despite that, many cloud providers only guarantee Postgres uptime from 99.99% to 99.95% availability. This availability gap poses costly risks for businesses that need to ensure 24/7 extreme high availability to protect data quality and ensure compliance. This is especially critical if they have teams and databases spread across continents.

With EDB Postgres Distributed on EDB BigAnimal, enterprises can meet the needs of a globally distributed customer base and improve business continuity across multiple data centers while protecting against unplanned outages that cause downtime, with up to 99.995% availability. Active-active architectures distribute the workload across multiple database nodes to achieve higher availability and unlock capabilities enterprises need to build modern applications with confidence and ease. In case of node failure, workloads are automatically rerouted to operational instances. This balancing across multiple resources benefits enterprises by ensuring uninterrupted service and improving uptime.

“Until now, it was almost impossible to achieve active-active architectures in the cloud, especially with Postgres,” said Chandler Hoisington, Chief Product Officer, EDB. “EDB set out to be the first to solve this. We have been the leaders of distributed Postgres on-premises for years, and now with this latest release for BigAnimal, customers have even more freedom to run distributed Postgres with the confidence of extreme high availability, everywhere they need it.”

EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal empowers enterprises to:

  • Maximize application uptime with EDB's 99.995% uptime SLA for multi-region clusters, ensuring that high-value transactions occur when needed and meeting customer and partner expectations.
  • Scale for a global customer base with confidence and develop applications that span multiple geographies.
  • Maintain data integrity and continuity with flexible deployment methods such as blue-green deployments, allowing for version and compatibility testing — without impacting performance or users.
  • Simplify compliance with local regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, by implementing controls in multi-region clusters to replicate data selectively where necessary.
  • Strengthen IT resilience through continuous disaster recovery readiness, without the need for database interaction during failover to another region.
  • Reduce access latency to safeguard against sluggish user experiences and frustrating lags that can result in downtime and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Support high transaction volumes and create cloud-native applications capable of processing hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, while meeting customer demands for high volume and availability.

“Traditional methods for disaster recovery, such as backup and restore, or manual promotion of a cross-region replica take time, require human intervention, and introduce uncertainty at the worst possible moment,” said Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, IDC. “Enterprises are increasingly demanding geo-distribution of data with continuous operation. If your customers are distributed around the world, but your data isn’t, their access may be slow, or even unavailable. EDB is rising to meet these challenges head on, enabling customers to build applications that span multiple regions, achieve huge scale globally and ensure 24/7 uptime.”

Following this release, customers can also expect the general availability of EDB Postgres Distributed for Kubernetes next month.

Try EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal today by visiting EDB.

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