EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 Public Beta Released

Date -2005-12-19

Enterprise-Class Database Built on PostgreSQL 8.1
Features Significant Enhancements over Previous Version

EDISON, N.J., Dec. 19, 2005 — EnterpriseDB, the world's leading enterprise-class open source database company, announced today the release of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 Public Beta. EnterpriseDB is an enterprise-class database built on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. The 2006 Public Beta is based on the recently released version 8.1 of PostgreSQL, which contains significant feature and performance enhancements over prior editions. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 runs all PostgreSQL applications and also most existing Oracle applications. The Public Beta is available for Linux x86 and Windows and may be downloaded free on the company's website, www.enterprisedb.com.

”PostgreSQL, the foundation of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1, has emerged as the favored open source database for enterprise computing, as evidenced by recent announcements from Red Hat and Sun,” said Andy Astor, chief executive officer of EnterpriseDB. ”EnterpriseDB is built on the rock-solid base of PostgreSQL, and adds native Oracle compatibility, significant performance improvements, and world-class technical support. That's why EnterpriseDB is emerging as a top consideration for so many enterprises today.”

The latest EnterpriseDB release is based on PostgreSQL 8.1, which includes both advanced SQL features and performance improvements over the previous version, enabling support for bigger data warehouses, higher-volume transaction processing and more complex distributed enterprise software. The advanced SQL features include:

  • Database Roles, which simplify the management of large numbers of users with complex overlapping database rights
  • IN, OUT and INOUT Parameters, which substantially improve support of complex business logic for J2EE and .NET applications
  • Two-Phase Commit (2PC), which allows ACID-compliant transactions across widely separated servers

A significant performance enhancement in EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 Public Beta and PostgreSQL 8.1 comes from the addition of shared-row locking, an advanced technique that improves upon the row-level locking feature of previous versions and other databases. Other performance enhancements include improved symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) performance, dynamic conversion of indices to bitmaps in memory, and table partitioning using constraint exclusion.

About EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1

EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 is an enterprise-class database that is built on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 runs many existing Oracle applications and all PostgreSQL applications. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 is free for evaluation, development and low-volume production deployments and includes unlimited Web-based technical support. Enterprise software licenses are bundled with technical support and software update services. Bundles range in price from $1,000 to $5,000 per CPU per year.

About EnterpriseDB Corporation

EnterpriseDB provides and supports enterprise-class databases that are based on time-tested open source, are broadly compatible with proprietary databases, and are robustly reliable and scalable. EnterpriseDB was founded in March, 2004, and is headquartered in Edison, N.J. For more information, contact +1-732-331-1300 or visit www.enterprisedb.com.

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