EnterpriseDB announces bailout program for besieged Oracle customers

Date -2009-08-03

EnterpriseDB Announces Bailout Program
for Besieged Oracle Customers


The Enterprise Postgres Company Offers Migration Assessment Program for Current Oracle Customers Seeking Relief from Relentless Price Increases


WESTFORD, Mass., August 3, 2009 - EnterpriseDB, the leading enterprise-class open source database company, today announced an Oracle Migration Assessment Program designed to aid the thousands of companies locked into the Oracle database and related products who face a constant drumbeat of price increases from the vendor.

EnterpriseDB created the Oracle Migration Assessment Program after Oracle recently raised prices on database modules by as much as 40 percent. This comes on the heels of license increases of up to 20 percent in 2008. The program enables enterprises to migrate their applications running on Oracle to Postgres Plus Advanced Server, an open source PostgreSQL based database containing an Oracle compatibility layer, with no disruption to operations, and delivers ongoing cost savings of 50 percent or more.

"Oracle's price hikes might be good news for those on Wall Street, but they're terrible news for IT departments trying to function in the worst economy since the Great Depression," said Ed Boyajian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB. "The EnterpriseDB Oracle Migration Program provides a way out for companies that have had enough of these hikes. In a matter of weeks, we can successfully migrate companies to the proven PostgreSQL database so they can start to free themselves of the pricing whims of Oracle once and for all."

EnterpriseDB has helped hundreds of enterprises worldwide adopt PostgreSQL, including leading brands such as FTD, Sony Online Entertainment, Info USA, and EPBS. In addition, earlier this year, IBM licensed EnterpriseDB's unique database compatibility technology to make it easier to deploy Oracle applications on IBM's DB2 database.

Oracle Migration Assessment

The EnterpriseDB Oracle Migration Program begins with a custom migration assessment, which includes an in-depth technology evaluation that provides a detailed benefit analysis and a methodology for migrating to Postgres Plus Advanced Server. If customers choose to move forward with the migration, EnterpriseDB can provide all of the technology and services required to migrate based on the EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus® Advanced Server.

Based on a highly optimized version of PostgreSQL, the EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server delivers advanced Oracle compatibility to enable enterprises to run Oracle-based applications on PostgreSQL. This delivers compelling benefits to enterprises, including:

  • Tremendous Cost Savings. Postgres Plus Advanced Server delivers immediate cost savings, while also protecting enterprises from future Oracle price hikes. Based on a recent customer deployment, EnterpriseDB created a total cost of ownership savings of more than 80 percent. More information on the business case can be found at http://entdb.ohodev.com/solutions/business-case.
  • Deployment Flexibility. Organizations can use Postgres Plus Advanced Server to deploy new Oracle database-compatible applications. They can also deploy instances of Postgres Plus Advanced Server and Oracle databases that interoperate seamlessly, and can migrate existing Oracle database applications to Postgres Plus Advanced Server.
  • Skills Portability. Postgres Plus Advanced Server's tools, SQL language and objects leverage the existing skills of Oracle database professionals, including database administrators, application developers, and production support personnel. This eliminates the training time and costs normally required when migrating to a new database.
  • Push-Button Migration. The Advanced Server Migration Studio provides an easy push-button Oracle migration path that converts schema, data, packages, triggers, stored procedures, functions, database links, users, roles, partitions and more onto a working Postgres-based database infrastructure.

For more information on EnterpriseDB's Oracle Migration Program, please call +1-732-331-1315 or +1-877-377-4352, or visit http://entdb.ohodev.com/solutions/oramig.do.

About EnterpriseDB

EnterpriseDB is the leading provider of enterprise-class products and services based on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. The company's Postgres Plus products are ideally suited for transaction-intensive applications requiring superior performance, massive scalability, and compatibility with proprietary database products. EnterpriseDB has offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Westford, Mass. For more information, please call +1-978-589-5700 or visit http://entdb.ohodev.com.

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