EnterpriseDB Announces New Automated Failover Manager for Postgres is Now Generally Available

Date -2013-12-18 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. EDB Failover manager provides an automatic failover mechanism for highly available Postgres databases and meets enterprise-level demands for High Availability

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class Postgres products and Oracle database compatibility solutions, today announced the general availability of EDB Failover Manager. The company’s newest product, EDB Failover Manager fulfills a critical need among Postgres users for an automated failover solution that integrates seamlessly with the company’s flagship Postgres Plus Advanced Server as well as community PostgreSQL deployments.

EDB Failover Manager addresses a gap in the market for a reliable, cost-effective solution for Postgres and eliminates the need for third-party tools to ensure High Availability. The solution is part of EDB’s collection of integrated enterprise-class tools that target the needs and requirements of global enterprises that are increasingly adopting Postgres for more workloads to limit their use of more costly licenses with traditional database vendors.

“Our enterprise customers can now rely on EnterpriseDB as a single source of development, distribution and support for all components of their High Availability systems,” said Marc Linster, senior vice president of products and services of EnterpriseDB. “We’ve developed a lightweight product with no single point of failure that is easy to install, configure and use that will enable our users to expand their deployments of Postgres to applications with greater HA demands.”

EDB is the largest Postgres software and services provider with enterprise-class software, professional services, support and training to ensure success with Postgres as organizations expand their deployments of open source software to the data center. More than 2,000 enterprises, government agencies and other organizations worldwide use EnterpriseDB products and services to successfully deploy Postgres, reduce their reliance on costly traditional databases and slash database costs by more than 80 percent.

EDB Failover Manager is critical for meeting High Availability demands by monitoring the health of a streaming replication cluster and initiating failover in the event the master database fails. EDB Failover Manager provides fault-tolerant database clusters, which significantly reduce downtime and help to ensure data remains available in the event of a failure, meeting the demands of enterprise-level High Availability configurations.

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