EnterpriseDB Announces New Digital Badges for Postgres Certification

Expertise in EDB Postgres, PostgreSQL validated with industry-recognized credential

Date -2017-08-02 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. “Data professionals undergo rigorous training on database administration and best practices to achieve a Postgres certification from EDB, which is recognized throughout the industry,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development and Services. “Having a digital badge gives individuals a new career tool to demonstrate their knowledge and achievement.”

The digital badges are web-enabled and can be applied to social media accounts and email signatures. According to LinkedIn, member profiles with certifications receive 6x more views. The digital badges from EnterpriseDB are administered through Acclaim, a leading digital badge service supporting a new open standard for recognizing and validating learning.

EDB is offering digital badges to represent certification achievements with Postgres based on completion of any of four exams. The exams that qualify for digital badges are: PostgreSQL Associate, PostgreSQL Professional, EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server Associate, and EDB Postgres Advanced Server Professional.

For information on digital badges from EDB, click here. To learn more about EDB Postgres training and certifications, including digital badges, send an email to sales@EDBPostgres.com.

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