EnterpriseDB Announces New ‘Postgres Rocks’ Online User Forum

New forum to foster conversation and ongoing collaboration among Postgres end users

Date -2017-06-27 Location - BOSTON “Most of the world’s leading brands are deploying Postgres to support new digital applications due to its multi-model utility and open source appeal,” said Ed Boyajian, President and CEO, EnterpriseDB. “As the leading developer of Postgres technology for the enterprise, EnterpriseDB has a deep capability to support data professionals seeking to maximize the use of Postgres for their organizations. Postgres Rocks is designed to be a premier destination for education, interaction, and collaboration for Postgres users across the globe.”  

As of June 2017, Postgres was the fourth-most popular database in the world, according to DB-Engines.com, and it was identified as the ‘Most Loved’ relational database in a 2017 survey of 64,000 developers by Stack Overflow. Interest in Postgres and its adoption has grown steadily as technology advances and new feature development has accelerated with recent releases. Database administrators, developers, and architects must continually educate themselves as the technology progresses to ensure they understand how best to configure Postgres to meet modern application demands and operational requirements for performance, scalability, and security.

Postgres, a multi-model database, can support both structured and unstructured workloads while enabling read/write data transfer with existing back-end, data capture, and Hadoop systems. Postgres also supports new, agile application development capabilities like microservices and containers. These new capabilities have prompted users to deploy Postgres in more complex environments, in turn generating greater demand for more dialogue and how-to scenarios. 

Postgres Rocks will afford the growing numbers of Postgres users greater opportunities to become better informed, share ideas, and create and maintain connections that will help further development of future Postgres releases. (Postgres Rocks can be found at www.PostgresRocks.net. ) Users from across the Postgres community are welcome to participate and collaborate. With technology advancing, Postgres users trying to apply the latest features or capabilities typically turn to online question and answer websites, search for blog posts, or query the open source community email lists. While the Postgres open source community is known for its excellent documentation and responsive message boards, Postgres Rocks will complement these resources by aggregating multiple kinds of information and creating curated areas for meaningful dialogue.

Postgres Rocks comes as EnterpriseDB has made available other new resources to Postgres users with the announcement today of a free EDB Postgres training program. (To read the press release, click here.) Making available professionally developed training for free provides a trusted resource and a solid foundation to prepare users to achieve success with Postgres.

The new free training program features two on-demand courses bundled into an online eSubscription, available through EnterpriseDB’s convenient eLearning platform. The system enables registrants to learn at their own pace, start and stop at will, and train from any location, reviewing material as needed.

Postgres Rocks is also highly customizable. Members may create profiles based on their interests and select badges based on certifications and other affiliations. For example, Postgres Vision 2017 attendees who sign up will be able to identify themselves with an event badge. 

Postgres Rocks is divided into three main sections:

  • Postgres Gems: This section features blogs from Postgres contributors and experts.
  • The Knowledgebase: Articles offering content and solutions. This is a source for self-help or general knowledge expansion.
  • Discussions: This area will feature a selection of discussion boards where users may interact on topics of interest.

For more information about EDB Postgres, contact info@EDBPostgres.com

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