EnterpriseDB Announces Tokyo Digital Business Summit

Date -2017-04-12 Location - TOKYO The EnterpriseDB Summit 2017 aims to help Enterprise IT groups learn the capabilities of new technology platforms, and create a roadmap for them to implement and leverage these new technologies in the right places. Applications are becoming more complex to meet demands of digital business, and enterprises must provide responsive, interactive products and services that keep pace with new sources of data and enabling technologies to remain competitive.

“The EDB Postgres Platform provides IT with greater flexibility and control and developers with much greater agility for building new applications,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development and Services, EnterpriseDB. “EDB Postgres creates a single fabric for integrating a wide range of data types from across multiple sources in the enterprise. The result is a seamless view of the data and much greater deployment flexibility.”

The success of last year’s EnterpriseDB Summit 2016 demonstrated the potential for EDB Postgres for digital transformation among enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region. The event also drew support from some of EnterpriseDB’s largest regional partners, which play an important role in working with customers to design and implement solutions with EDB Postgres.

Featured speakers will include:

  • Ed Boyajian, President and CEO, EnterpriseDB
  • Marc Linster, Senior Vice President of Product Development, EnterpriseDB
  • Yoko Takase, Database evangelist, K.K.Ashisuto
  • Tetsuya Sodo, Senior consultant, HPE
  • Takashi Osawa, Director of OSS Solution, IBM Japan

EnterpriseDB Summit 2017 will provide a series of presentations and Partner Solution Booths. Content will address new features and capabilities in the recently released EDB Postgres Platform 2017; the EDB Postgres Ark, a database-as-a-service for hybrid cloud deployments on public and private cloud services; case studies; technical presentations; and EDB Postgres Partner and Ecosytem Solutions.

The event will begin is from 12.30pm to 5.30pm and is free to attend. For details and to register, please click here.

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