EnterpriseDB Brings Open Source to the Enterprise Database

Date -2005-05-23

Commercially Supported Enterprise-Class Database
Includes Out-of-the-Box Compatibility with Existing Applications

EDISON, N.J., May 23, 2005 – EnterpriseDB Corporation, an enterprise database company, emerged from stealth mode today and announced the immediate availability of EnterpriseDB 2005 (EDB2005) public beta release. Built on the open source PostgreSQL database, EDB2005 is an enterprise-class relational database management system that supports update-intensive, high-volume applications. In addition, EDB2005 is compatible with many applications written for Oracle databases. The free download and further information are available at the company’s website, www.enterprisedb.com.

EDB2005 is built on PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced and mature open source database. PostgreSQL has been under continuous development for 20 years, and has been downloaded and implemented millions of times. For more than a decade, PostgreSQL has included such enterprise-class features as triggers and stored functions. Unlike some other open source databases, PostgreSQL assures data integrity and has the scalability and performance required for high-volume online transaction processing (OLTP). It is therefore widely regarded as a superior database for enterprise-class applications.

EDB2005 further improves PostgreSQL with enterprise-targeted features, including compatibility with many applications written for Oracle databases. This capability is implemented through compatible SQL syntax, datatypes, triggers and native stored procedures and results in dramatic cost reductions in both application migration and skills re-training. EnterpriseDB 2005 is also much faster in typical transactional applications than competitive open source products.

“Until today, enterprises were forced to choose between over-priced solutions from enterprise software vendors and under-powered solutions from open source vendors,” said Andy Astor, Chief Executive Officer of EnterpriseDB. “Our enhancements to PostgreSQL have resulted in a truly enterprise-class product, priced to reflect its open source heritage. To be ‘enterprise-class,’ a database must be reliable, compatible, and scalable. In other words, it must rigorously ensure data integrity, support standard practices familiar to enterprise developers, and run fast when executing update-intensive, transactional applications. Uniquely so at its price, EnterpriseDB 2005 meets all of these criteria.”

The EnterpriseDB product includes EnterpriseDB Database Server, the RDBMS engine, EnterpriseDB Studio, a graphical console for developers and DBAs, and EnterpriseDB Connectors, which provide access to EnterpriseDB from JDBC, ODBC, .NET, ESQL/C++, PHP, Perl and Python.

EnterpriseDB is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, and employs approximately 45 people. Its management and development teams include software industry veterans with decades of experience building DBMS technology and applying it to the needs of Global 2000 organizations. The company’s staff includes developers recognized for contributions to the PostgreSQL database.

The EnterpriseDB public beta period begins immediately, with general availability expected this summer. During the public beta period, commercial-grade technical support will be provided free of charge. The software and more information concerning the company and product are available at the company’s website, www.enterprisedb.com.

About EnterpriseDB Corporation
EnterpriseDB offers commercially supported enterprise-class database products that are based on time-tested open source offerings and that include broad compatibility with existing databases and robust reliability and scalability. EnterpriseDB was founded in March, 2004, and is headquartered in Edison, N.J. For more information, contact +1-732-331-1300 or visit www.enterprisedb.com.

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