EnterpriseDB Continues Support for Postgres Open Conference to Promote Postgres Adoption and Best Practices

Date -2012-08-16 BEDFORD, Mass. – August 16, 2012EnterpriseDB, the leading worldwide provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle database compatibility products and services, today announced the company is continuing for the second year its support as a lead sponsor of Postgres Open 2012, an emerging conference dedicated to exploring the business value of Postgres.

The event will be September 17-19, 2012, in Chicago, and will kick off with an opening keynote by Django co-creator Jacob Kaplan-Moss on what led the Django open source community to designate PostgreSQL as its default database. It will mark the first time the Django Project publicly addressed its support for PostgreSQL.

The Postgres Open conference was established last year by a group of major contributors within the Postgres Community. Selena Deckelmann, an independent database consultant who helped launch the event, said the goal was to spur greater dialogue among business users of Postgres. The event provides a venue for business executives, database administrators and developers to exchange experiences and best practices for using Postgres to support business objectives. 

“Postgres Open is a conference for the Postgres community but more focused on the business benefits of Postgres than other database developer or open source events,” Deckelmann said. “We want people to explore how they are using Postgres to run their businesses. We also want to document state-of-the-art techniques because demand is soaring for training as interest in Postgres continues to skyrocket.”

As a lead sponsor last year, EnterpriseDB, which employs some of the most prolific and dedicated members of the Postgres community, produced a great deal of educational content for the event and will do so again. The event this year will feature even more tutorials and skills development to help satisfy a growing demand for Postgres developers.

“This event represents a meeting place for developers and business executives, and it’s that intersection of the technology and the business goals where EnterpriseDB thrives,” Karen Tegan Padir, executive vice president of products and engineering at EnterpriseDB. “We want to foster dialogue about the power of PostgreSQL to slash the cost of bringing new applications to market.”

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