EnterpriseDB Delivers Cognos 8 Business Intelligence to Sony Online Entertainment

Date -2007-11-07

Online Gaming Leader Saves More Than 96 Percent
Compared to Previous Data Mart Solution

EDISON, N.J., Nov. 7, 2007 — EnterpriseDB, the Oracle-compatible database company, today announced that Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) has implemented a business intelligence (BI) solution using Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and EnterpriseDB Advanced Server. The solution enables SOE's marketing executives, game producers, engineers, and studio heads to analyze patterns and trends in game data from the production database within one of its premier massively multiplayer online role-playing games, such as player attrition and retention.

Since SOE's production game servers were designed for transactional performance, not analytical queries, SOE needed to offload any analysis of game data to separate data mart servers. SOE's choice of EnterpriseDB allows the company to benefit from BI reporting in the many cases in which Oracle-based solutions using other databases would be prohibitively expensive.

“Sony Online Entertainment has enjoyed a history of success with Cognos, and we continue to benefit from our decision to move to EnterpriseDB,” said Christopher Yates, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Sony Online Entertainment. “The cost effectiveness and ease of a Cognos-EnterpriseDB integrated solution will bring a deeper level of analysis to all our game environments. This insight will enable us to continually improve the experience for all our gamers.”

With EnterpriseDB's Oracle compatibility, Cognos' reports run on EnterpriseDB with nearly no modification. This enabled SOE's Oracle-experienced staff to implement the Cognos-EnterpriseDB BI solution in a matter of hours, without assistance from Cognos or EnterpriseDB technical support teams. SOE also found that minimal effort was required to configure the automated data transfers from their game's production databases to EnterpriseDB.

“We're committed to giving customers like Sony Online Entertainment substantial freedom of choice when selecting the platform underlying Cognos 8 Business Intelligence software,” said Jennifer Francis, vice president, market development, Cognos. “Through our partnership with EnterpriseDB, Cognos customers can deploy sophisticated business intelligence solutions on a viable, enterprise-class database alternative.”

As a result of the overwhelming success of the BI project, SOE now plans to implement Cognos-EnterpriseDB data marts for many of its other online games.

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