EnterpriseDB Expands Postgres Resources with Free Enterprise-class Training

Professionally developed program better prepares Postgres professionals for success and reduces risk by teaching best practices and the latest technology

Date -2017-06-27 Location - BOSTON “Professional training can make a difference in a DBA’s ability to maximize performance, scalability, and operational efficiency of Postgres workloads as well as leverage new data integration configurations and agile frameworks,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development and Services, EnterpriseDB. “Postgres technology development is accelerating and end users, whether they are just learning Postgres or catching up on the latest release, need reliable training they can trust. As the leading developer of Postgres technology for the enterprise, EnterpriseDB has the expertise to provide enterprise-class training.”

Free training complements the new Postgres Rocks (www.PostgresRocks.net) forum EnterpriseDB also announced today that is designed to foster conversation and collaboration among Postgres users. (To read the press release, click here.) Postgres Rocks will afford the growing numbers of Postgres users greater opportunities to become better informed, share ideas, and create and maintain connections that will help further development of future Postgres releases.

Interest in Postgres and its adoption has grown steadily as technology advances and new feature development has accelerated with recent releases. As of June 2017, Postgres was the fourth-most popular database in the world according to DB-Engines.com, and it was identified as the ‘Most Loved’ relational database in a 2017 survey of 64,000 developers by Stack Overflow. 

Database administrators, developers, and architects must continually educate themselves as the technology progresses to ensure they understand how best to configure Postgres to meet modern application demands and operational requirements for performance, scalability, and security. Postgres, a multi-model database, can support both structured and unstructured workloads while enabling read/write data transfer with existing back-end, data capture, and Hadoop systems. Postgres also supports new, agile application development capabilities like microservices and containers.

EnterpriseDB offers an extensive catalogue of training available on-demand, live online, or in the classroom. Bruce Momjian, Senior Database Architect at EnterpriseDB who co-founded the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and is a Core Team Member, is among the instructors for live online and classroom training. Courses cover Postgres administration and management fundamentals as well as more advanced courses and those targeted to developers and architects. EnterpriseDB also offers skills validation through a certification program that is highly regarded in the marketplace. 

The new free training program features two on-demand courses available through the EnterpriseDB eLearning system. The system enables registrants to learn at their own pace, start and stop at will, and train from any location, reviewing material as needed. The courses now available are:

  • Postgres Administration Essentials from EDB: This course teaches the fundamentals of Postgres, main features of EDB Postgres Advanced Server, and the essential skills required by Postgres DBAs to manage performance, scalability, and operational efficiency of Postgres deployments.
  • Building a Modern Postgres Architecture: This course covers best practices and modern techniques for creating highly resilient enterprise-class environments to support mission-critical workloads with tools developed by EnterpriseDB.

For details about the free training program and to register, click here. For more information about training and certification from EnterpriseDB, contact info@EDBPostgres.com

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