EnterpriseDB helps Advantec Deliver Outsourced HR and Payroll Services

Date -2011-02-28                               EnterpriseDB, SynchSource and VMware combine to create true multi-tenant environment

 BEDFORD, Mass. – February 28, 2011 – EnterpriseDB, the largest independent PostgreSQL open source database company, today announced that Advantec, a leading outsourced HR and payroll services vendor, has achieved significant benefits since switching their production database to EnterpriseDB.

Founded in 1998, Advantec realized two years ago that in order to remain competitive, it needed to expand into newer markets and address a broader array of clients’ needs. Advantec built its original offerings on a PeopleSoft based solution that was a strong HR/Payroll platform, but not fundamentally multi-tenant. Advantec had successfully developed customizations to adapt PeopleSoft into behaving in a multi-tenant way for its PEO line of business. 

Architectural limitations, however, prevented the company from providing the full range of desired customer self-service features, and these adaptations proved difficult to maintain, particularly when moving from release to release. In order to provide the desired features, and expand into new lines of business, Advantec needed a new architecture that was multi-tenant, would scale with varying demands and do so without breaking the bank.

 At the beginning of the project, the Advantec staff were not experts on PostgreSQL or many of the other new technologies being used.  This led to a few challenges as they learned how to use and configure Web servers and Web containers as well as tune interactions with the database.  The ease of access to and the usability of the tools supplied with EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server made this transition relatively painless. In fact, the staff found it to be one of the easiest databases to learn.

“Advantec needed a new multi-tenant architecture that would scale with varying demands, and do so without breaking the bank,” said Robin Schumacher, director of product strategy, EnterpriseDB. “Any time an IT team needs to transition to a new server it can be painful on many levels. EnterpriseDB prides itself on offering an easy and seamless database migration path.”

Today, Advantec hosts Postgres Plus on a single virtual server which supports approximately 30 thousand users and 10 to 12 thousand webpage hits a day.  Even when volume has spiked up to six times normal levels, Postgres Plus Advanced Server has not experienced any performance issues.

“The stability and performance of the Postgres DB has been a surprising win for us,” said Bradley Rhine, CIO, Advantec. “We all have been pleasantly surprised with the performance at the price from EnterpriseDB.  We have pretty stringent performance requirements.  It has to be up 24 by 7, so we didn’t have diminished expectations from Postgres going in. It just works.”

For more information about Advantec’s use of PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB, please visit here to see the case study.  To learn more about Advantec, visit www.advantec-hr.com.


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