EnterpriseDB Opens New Regional Office in Australia

Graham Pullen appointed Vice President, Sales, Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) to support regional growth initiatives

Date -2016-03-02 Location - SYDNEY, Australia TWEET:  @EDBPostgres Asian growth initiatives continue w/ new Australia office https://bit.ly/1plj2lm  #OpenSource #database #MagicQuadrant #DBMS 

“The Asia Pacific and ASEAN regions represent significant opportunity for EDB as enterprises and governments increasingly adopt Postgres to realize greater efficiency and achieve better business outcomes, while transforming their data centers into platforms of innovation,” said Mike Huseman, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development at EDB.

Prior to EDB, Pullen was at OpenText, where he spent more than seven years. Initially, Pullen was OpenText’s Senior Vice President, Sales, Asia Pacific and was ultimately appointed Senior Vice President, Global Alliances and Worldwide Channels. He joined OpenText through its acquisition of Vignette, where he was General Manager. Pullen has over 30 years in global sales leadership roles, including positions at EMC and BEA. 

“Organizations recognize that EDB Postgres delivers the tremendous savings and flexibility that open source brought to other layers in the enterprise software stack but with robust, enterprise-class enhancements they need to ensure mission-critical performance and business success,” said Pullen. 

The confluence of (i) the coming of age of OSDBMSs and (ii) market forces that require companies to be agile, fail fast, and embrace DevOps (among other developments), has resulted in open source solutions such as EDB Postgres becoming not just “a choice” on the radar, but rather a strategic imperative for IT organizations to effectively meet the growing data management demands of their business units. According to Gartner’s The State of Open Source RDBMS, 2015, open source database management systems (OSDBMSs) have matured into viable alternatives to, and are displacing, proprietary, commercial solutions for 80% of enterprise workloads.

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