EnterpriseDB Unveils Investments in PostgreSQL Open Source Community

Date -2005-08-09

Initiatives Will Strengthen World's Most Advanced
Open Source Database and Its Community

SAN FRANCISCO, LINUXWORLD CONFERENCE AND EXPO, August 9, 2005 –EnterpriseDB Corporation, an enterprise database company, announced today at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo a series of initiatives to support and enhance PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. The company's flagship product, EnterpriseDB 2005, is an enterprise-class database that is based on PostgreSQL. The announced initiatives are in the areas of sponsored personnel, community leadership, contributions of code and financial support. More information and EnterpriseDB 2005 downloads are available on the company's website at www.enterprisedb.com.

"EnterpriseDB's investment furthers PostgreSQL's position as the world's most advanced open source database and is also an investment in the foundation of our product," said Denis Lussier, Chief Technology Officer of EnterpriseDB. "Our partnership with the PostgreSQL community creates a sustainable, virtuous cycle that simultaneously benefits EnterpriseDB customers and all PostgreSQL users. Initiatives like ours are critical to the long-term success of corporate-community relationships."

As part of its personnel initiative, EnterpriseDB announced the additions of Alvaro Herrera and Jonah Harris to its team. Herrera is widely known for his long-term relationship with the PostgreSQL community and for his many contributions to PostgreSQL's enterprise-class features whereas Harris is a longtime champion of Oracle compatibility in the PostgreSQL community. These individuals will spend a significant portion of their time furthering the development of the open source PostgreSQL code base, and each will also develop next-generation features for EnterpriseDB 2005.

EnterpriseDB also announced that it is leading the creation of a PostgreSQL community initiative to develop ANSI-standard stored procedures and triggers for PostgreSQL. EnterpriseDB will sponsor the project for PostgreSQL 8.2, helping PostgreSQL to remain the most ANSI-compatible database in the world. More information about this initiative is available in the PostgreSQL discussion forums.

EnterpriseDB also announced that it is actively working with several members of the PostgreSQL development community and will be making regular contributions to the PostgreSQL code base. As one example, Alvaro Herrera has already worked extensively on PostgreSQL 8.1 enterprise features, including the two-phase commit protocol and the integrated auto-vacuum feature. Similarly, EnterpriseDB recently announced that it had licensed an advanced software analysis tool from Coverity and contributed the results and the corresponding code improvements to the open source community.

EnterpriseDB will be demonstrating the newly-available General Availability release of EnterpriseDB 2005 in booth #552 at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, August 8-11 in San Francisco. EnterpriseDB has donated space in its booth to enable the PostgreSQL community to have a presence at the show, and community representatives will be available in the booth throughout the show.

About EnterpriseDB Corporation

EnterpriseDB provides and supports enterprise-class database products that are based on time-tested open source, that are broadly compatible with proprietary databases and that are robustly reliable and scalable. EnterpriseDB was founded in March 2004, and is headquartered in Edison, N.J. For more information, contact 732-331-1300 or visit www.enterprisedb.com.

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