InMobi Selects EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server to Deliver Mobile Ad Impressions

Date -2011-06-08                                    Postgres Plus Advanced Server gives InMobi mass scalability

BEDFORD, Mass. – June 8, 2011 – EnterpriseDB, the leading worldwide provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility products and services, today announced that InMobi, the largest independent mobile advertising network, has chosen Postgres Plus Advanced Server as its backend database solution. With EnterpriseDB, InMobi achieved scalability to get to over 32 billion ad impressions per month.

 Founded in 2007, InMobi wanted a database solution that would be highly scalable to handle the exponential growth of ads in the database and at the same time perform efficiently. A key requirement for supporting mobile advertising is a scalable database. As a startup, InMobi did not have an unlimited budget and couldn’t justify the price of the large legacy database vendor for a solution.  InMobi needed a low-cost database solution for its current needs which would also be able to meet its scalability and performance requirements of the future.

 InMobi’s CTO had experience with several open-source databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL. Given the scalability requirements InMobi had, PostgreSQL was the better fit of the two. In the end, InMobi chose to implement EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server for its global mobile advertising network, all at a reasonable cost. Postgres Plus Advanced Server offers the enterprise features InMobi needed around security, ease of use, performance, scalability, and compatibility that are not available in the community edition of PostgreSQL.

“InMobi needed a low-cost solution that traditional databases were not able to provide,” said Robin Schumacher, director of product strategy, EnterpriseDB. "Postgres Plus Advanced Server provides the scale InMobi was looking for to support its 32 billion ad impressions per month. With the support of our team, InMobi’s initial database install only took 30 minutes and that same installation is still running today.”

 The features in Postgres Plus Advanced Server combined with the assistance of the EnterpriseDB team enabled InMobi to add space when needed and add replication when desired without having to reinstall the entire database. InMobi implemented its solution using a combination of Java, Python, and Perl along with technologies including Hadoop and Cassandra.

 “As a global mobile ad network, the sheer number of ads that we serve as well as the performance of the ad serving is a huge priority for us. Postgres Plus Advanced Server helped us achieve this scale and performance easily,” said Mohit Saxena, vice president of technology, InMobi.  “With EnterpriseDB and PostgreSQL technologies, we achieved the scalability to get to over 32 billion ad impressions per month, each ad served involving EnterpriseDB. The infrastructure supports over 200,000 transactions per minute across the globe with a three millisecond response time.”

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