New EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 7: Agile, Reliable, and Secure Management of Postgres

New web client and precision tools provide DBAs greater power to ensure optimal database performance across large installations

Date -2017-07-26 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. “Today’s administrators require greater flexibility in monitoring, managing, and optimizing database performance across a wider spectrum of global installations in their organizations,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development and Services, EDB. “EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 7 is the most complete management tool in the marketplace for Postgres deployments.”

EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 7 is a component of the EDB Postgres Platform. The tool provides a single graphical user interface where database administrators and developers can easily administer, monitor, and tune large Postgres deployments. EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager also integrates with failover and disaster recovery tools—required for creating highly available, mission-critical database architectures—and features a rich set of APIs and alerts for management and monitoring.

The newest version is based on a flexible architecture that enables it to be deployed as a web application, making it easier to use. EnterpriseDB engineers developed the new architecture for the pgAdmin open source project, with contributions from the community. EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager extends capabilities of the open source tool to include monitoring and alerting capabilities that are critical for digital business solutions that must meet stringent SLAs and performance requirements.

The key capabilities provided by EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 7 include:

  • Web Client: The new web client adds greater flexibility for DBAs, and provides a responsive layout with dockable panels, partial page loading, and grid-based layouts with inline editing. The client also provides real-time database monitoring and management of database objects. The client further provides a key feature for developers—a feature-rich, performant, and flexible query tool and debugger. 
  • Precision Management: An extensive series of wizards, dashboards, and probes simplify the maintenance, monitoring, and administration tasks of database administration. This includes status monitoring, auditing, log analysis, replication configuration, capacity planning, forecasting, and more. A SQL Profiler assists with identifying and optimizing poor performing queries. With more than 225 preconfigured alerts, the tool is highly customizable with dashboards and charts to summarize and display trend information. Developer tools provide query tuning and index recommendations, and enable execution of DDL and DML commands. Custom probes, dashboards, charts, and alerts also support developers with standardized monitoring.
  • REST API for Deeper Ecosystem Integration: The API enables DBAs to create, update, and retrieve probes and alerts; retrieve historical statistics and metrics; and manage configurations of EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager.

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