Postgres Experts from EnterpriseDB to Present at PostgresOpen 2017

Date -2017-09-06 Location - SAN FRANCISCO The event opens today at the Parc 55 San Francisco hotel in San Francisco and runs through September 8, 2017.

Bruce Momjian, Co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and Core Team Member, and Andres Freund, a Major Contributor and Committer for the Postgres project, will deliver their presentations on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

At 10:30 am, Freund will deliver his presentation titled Improving Postgres’ Efficiency. The talk will explore how development on Postgres scalability has emphasized the more efficient use of individual processors in light of work done for the upcoming PostgreSQL 10.0 release. Freund’s areas of expertise include performance and scalability advances for Postgres.

At 11:30 am, Momjian will give a talk titled Postgres Window Magic that will explain many window function facilities and how they can be exploited for useful SQL query results. Momjian, who is also a Committer for the Postgres project, often presents on intricacies related to Postgres administration and optimization. 

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