PostgreSQL 9.0 Released

Date -2010-09-20

Binary replication and more new features than ever

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 NEW YORK, NY- The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the release of PostgreSQL 9.0, the latest version of the world's leading open source relational database. This major release features advances in security, application support, monitoring, performance, and storage of specialty data. Users are particularly excited about PostgreSQL 9.0's new replication and hot standby capabilities, which will accelerate adoption in cloud hosting and scalable applications.

"The built-in replication in 9.0 and ability to query a hot standby have been the most requested PostgreSQL features for many years," said Simon Riggs, CTO of 2ndQuadrant and lead contributor to hot standby. "Efficient, low latency streaming replication protects your data better, while hot standby significantly reduces total cost of ownership. In proprietary products, this capability is an add-on which costs thousands of dollars."

PostgreSQL 9.0 includes more than a dozen other major improvements that will enhance every aspect of database application design and performance, including: 64-bit Windows support, conditional and per-column triggers, upgrade-in-place from 8.3 and 8.4, deferrable unique constraints, and high-performance event messaging. For a complete list of new features, see our release information page.

"As one of the world's largest operators of core Internet infrastructure registries, Afilias is pleased to see PostgreSQL 9.0 add in-place upgrades, which allow us to upgrade to new versions of the database system with minimal disruption to our 16-million-strong domain name database," said Afilias CTO Ram Mohan.

"We are very excited about the new features ... in particular, we look forward to the deferrable unique constraints as an opportunity to speed up updates and upgrades for our customers," said Paolo Juvara, CTO of OpenBravo.

Marc Balmer, founder of Micro Systems in Switzerland, is more interested in the greatly improved LISTEN/NOTIFY event messaging capability: "The new data payload option in asynchronous notifications will power the next version of our remote data display programs."

Thanks to the contributions of developers and companies around the world, such as NTT Open Source, EnterpriseDB, 2ndQuadrant, Red Hat and many others, user adoption and development momentum is greater than ever.

"Here in CAIXA bank we use PostgreSQL in mission-critical financial environments because it has the quality to support our operations," said Clarice Coppetti, IT Vice President, CAIXA Bank, Brazil. "The new version shows that PostgreSQL is improving rapidly to keep meeting our business needs."

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